Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rambling Wednesday!!

Yay today is the day that I get to if I don't do that on a regular basis anyway..and you all know you have to sit here and just read it!! Ok well maybe you don't have to but I really really appreciate the fact that you do!!  REALLY I DO!!!!

* I am making a going away gift for a dear friend of ours and decided to make like a humorous airplane survival kit....that flight from here to the states is a really hard one. I will update you on how that turns out with pics of course(behave camera!) as soon as I get it all done.

*I have been doing great with my workouts and have made it through a whole month so far without letting lazy interfere or those darn voices in my head that say things like "but I'm tired today" or "my knee hurts" all of which are nothing but excuses. Yay me!!

*I am finally beginning to find my niche here in Germany and along with that some really great women to hang out with and have great converstaions with. Now I just need to find a group who lives on coffee as much as I do to have a weekly coffee and chill session...I was totally going to say gripe but no one really wants to hear gripes every week so we will go with chill!

*The girls are doing fabulous in school here and I couldn't be more proud of them!!

*I made the leap and finally scheduled my dentist appointment! I have a total fear of the dentist and I think it stems from having braces as a child..OUCH!!! I put off making my appointment for 2 months so I guess that's not too bad.Yay me again!

*In case you haven't been reading me for awhile then you probably don't know much about my life or what makes me who I am so I have decided to turn Thursday blogs into a "Trip down memory lane Thursday". It should be fun and give everyone a chance to see a bit more about me and my life and our comings and goings over the years..all *&^%& of them!!  OHHhhhh come on you didn't really think I was going to give my real age on here did you?!! Baahaahaaa!!

I would like to say Welcome to all my newest followers and Thank you so much for all the lovely comments I have been getting lately!  I absolutely love hearing from people and also it gives me some other blogs to go and check up on. I love to add buttons to my blog of different blogs I find fun, interesting, crazy, helpful or of course there are the buttons I think are just so darn cute I can't resist snagging them!! Muahuahuah!  So if you have a button on your blog don't be surprised to see it on my blog and if you don't have one..well why don't you have one?!!!  Seriously...why?!!!!  I will always try to mention things I find while visiting bloggerville residents and hope that no one minds me leaving little links to things I feel others should see.

Until next time.. Ciao!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I didn't make it over here yesterday for PINT, but glad I did today! I love these rambling days! You sound like you are adjusting well to a new country!

Cassie said...

I'm glad you're getting adjusted (and the girls) to your new home.
Can't wait to head down memory lane with you.
I wish I had a button but I don't know how to make one. :(

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