Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trip Down Memory Lane (TDML) Thursday!

Yay I am starting something new today and will hopefully be able to remember keep it going until I get everyone up to date with my life and the craziness that is involves.

Today I am going to start with the beginning of my little family. By the time my father had retired from Air Force we settled in Oklahoma and had a really good life there. I was attending a local college and like any other college kid was totally into the party scene. I went to parties all the time and loved dancing at clubs(ones that let in under 21's that is). One day a friend of mine invited me to a party. She called it "The 2nd annual pig fry" and I was intrigued after I was done laughing and figured out she was serious.  I was a total city girl and had never heard of such countryish things. I am all up for it though I mean shoot it was a party right?!
So that night I went to "the 2nd annual pig fry" where I found out that they had killed a pig and buried it in the ground and were going to dig it up and eat it..I was definitely not going to eat that dirty ground stuck thing..and of course as any country party I had ever been too there was a ton of beer!!
So I told myself I would try to enjoy it and maybe have a beer...oh yeah under age drinking in it fullest!!

About an hour later I saw this guy whom I had remembered seeing at a previous party I had been to in the city and at the time I thought he was cute so I asked my friend to introduce us. We walked over to talk to him and he could have given me a hangover with his breathe...Seriously friends he was toasted, bommed, drunk off his a**.  Seriously though he was really cute and so I hung out with him for a little while. At one point he told me he needed to go do something and would be right back....leaving me sitting on the back of someone elses truck..eventually I gave up waiting(he wandered off and apparently had forgotten me)  Nice right?!!   The things we do for men I tell ya!!
So a few hours later I had told my friend I was ready to go and had  had enough of the country life and needed my city back....ohhh please give me some city lights and people who weren't eating a pig dug out of the ground!!  I really was terrified of that lie!!

So the next day my friend calls me and says that the guy who had abandoned me at the truck wanted to invite us to another party. At first I said "Hell no" but then she said it was at someone's house and wouldn't be as countrified as the last one. No offense please to any country people out there but that party was something I had only seen in movies and really never wanted to experience that again!  So I agreed to go to this party with her and the abandoning guy.
The next weekend we go to try and find the party and as we are driving all over the countryside and seeing no party we eventually gave up and decided to go elsewhere...back to the city...Yayyyyy for the city!!!

The next day the guy calls my friend and said he wants to take us to dinner to apologize for the party getting cancelled and all.  By now I am thinking I need to stay away from country boys and stick with my city guys but I was hungry and this guy owed me big time!!!  So I agreed to go to dinner with them and started getting ready..I had to look gorgeous just to be able to rub it in this guys face that he missed out by abadoning me one night and sending me out into the country another night.  Ohh it was on!!!
I put on my shortest skirt and tightest top...yes there was a time I actually had hoochie clothes..what girl living in the city didn't?!!  Hahaaaaaa

About an hour before the guy was due to pick me up my friend calls and says "By the way he really just wanted to take you out and asked me along to make you feel more comfortable but I am bowing out and he is on his way to get you now"  *Jaw drop* How could she do this me?!!  I didn't really know this guy and the last time I saw him..yes he was cute but drunk of his behind as well!!  Now I was nervous but had to stick with the plan to look fabulous and make him wish he taken the time to get to know me better before he abandoned me.  It took me a few hours and I was knock out..muahuahuah!!!

By the time he arrived I have looked in the paper and decided to pick a movie out as well. I mean he left me sitting on a truck he owed me dinner and a movie right?!!  So he shows up at my door and as I see his eyes popping out of his head and all I can think is.."that's right buddy and you abandoned this..sucker"  I tell him that we will be having dinner at Olive Garden and then I would like to go see a movie.  To my surprise he says "great that sounds good to me". Hmmmm payback isn't working yet I better step it up.  We get to the restaurant and I order the most expensive thing I can find on the menu other then the wierd fish stuff I don't like a drink(virgin of course I was only 20) and we have a nice dinner. Believe it or not I really had a good time..but the plan was still on.  So we move on to the movie and it was a great movie and again I had a good time with this country, truck abandoning, drunk guy. By the time the movie was over and we were headed home I was feeling bad for all the trick I had tried to pull on him and realizing he was a nice guy and that his growing up in the country shouldn't deter me. Yes friends I was beginning to like him!!

As we get back to my house and he walks me to the door he asks me if he can have my phone number and if he can call me tomorrow. Seriously he being a total gentlemen..this was not the guy I was expecting at all!!  So I told him yes I would like that very much and he could call me tomorrow and I told him thankyou for the night and went in my house and shut the door.  You all didn't think I was going to kiss him did you?!!  I said I was beginning to like him not that I was in love with him.....yet!!

Ok that is where I will leave it for today! Please come back next Thursday for more of my story and thank you so much to everyone for stopping by my little blog and taking part of my life!!
Have a great day everyone...Ciao!


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