Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Wooohooo it is Wednesday and that means I get to ramble on while you all decided exactly why you follow my crazy mad self!!! Hehe!!

So besides finding out that my memory card is trashed..well I say trashed because there is no way I am paying what it will take to get my pictures back(seriously it would cheaper to drive back to Paris and take new pics) but that is really the only bad thing about this week so far. Even though no pics just means we will have to go back sometimes and take more pics..Waasaaaaaaaa!!!   I have no idea where I even got that word but it came to my head when I started typing and so there it is!!  Tadaaaa  I can make up things and make them work..yes I did make it work!!  Stop laughing..oh heck keep laughing!!  I love to laugh and speaking of laughing has anyone watched the movie "Men who stare at goats"?  It is hilarious especially if you some things about the military and I mean the basics like you can't  have a pony tail and be in the army nor can you buy drugs with company money...baahaaahaaaa you all really need to watch this movie!!

I took a few pics of what is left of our Paris trip..sorry guys the scarf pics are just the scarves I keep forgetting to take pics of me wearing them..oyyyyyyy sorrry!!!!!   Any who this is what I do have so far....
This is our mini Arc de Triomphe..

and one of our mini Eiffel towers..I totally haggled the guy and he kept changing his price so by the time I got what I wanted he was so confused he gave me 1 for free and 4 free keychains....Waaassaaaaaa!!! 

and here is the one picture we do have simply because it was taken when we got on the boat ride and we bought it when we got off..bad pic I know but my scanner is not plugged in so it will have to do for now..

and our mini Notre Dame was gorgeous inside and outside but again no more pics..can you sense the anger in my typing?!!!

Here are the 2 scarves I and the other is brown with silver running through it..beautiful really!!!

Next is a bag I just had to have a bag that said Paris and you can ask Mr. M it was a total nightmare trying to find the one I wanted!  You see I kind of have a fetish for bags..I looooooove bags and am not usually a fan of cheap ones either....have you met my Coach family?!!!  That is a whole other posting and I will introduce you to all my little babies..hehe!  So anywho here is the bag I finally picked out..

I loved that it said Paris all over it and of course the Eiffel tower pics were cute too.  I will have to find a use for it or else just store it with the babies in the box until the day I need it.

Now this next pic is of an Eiffel tower model that DD1 just had to have and she spent hours upon hours trying to get it right. It turned out really cute I think....

ok the pic didn't want to turn so everybody...tilt your head and see how cool it is!!!  There ya go!  Now be careful you don't get a head rush coming back to me!!  Haha

Now to say I was a crab for a few days with the whole memory card no pic thing would be an understatement and of course due to the fact that I was the last person who touched camera I assume it was me who messed them up so I have been a little down, mad,crazy,sad, just about everything you could possibly think of..sooooooooooo...DD2 and Mr. M went to the store the other day and they came back with these for me....

Seriously!!! For Moi!!!!!  Aren't they just the sweetest dang people ever??!!!!  They really do know how to cheer me up I tell you. In addition to the beautiful roses DD2 told me I could take a new pic of her so I wouldn't be so sad about losing all the other ones...I love little kids and their thinking I swear they are taught to be cute just to make us smile!!  So here is my little angel giving me her best smile to cheer up poor sad mommy....

Really!! I may not have pics of my trip but I will always have my memories and my dear sweet family to remind me what is truly important.  Ohh and a trip back to Paris wouldn't hurt either..teeheee!!  Funny thing is when I suggested it to Mr. M I totally expected grumbling and huffing but all I got was " I was thinking the same thing"!! How amazing is he??!! 

Ok so now that you all have listened to me drool all over my family about how nice they have been to me and all about the gobs of money I soooo easily spent whilst on may now give me all your opinions!!

Oh I am so not kidding... as I said there will be a repeat trip back to Paris to get pics so what would you get second time around?  Do you like the bag?  Should I get more bags, scarves, mini paris items perhaps??

Let me know what you think and of course if anyone who has been to Paris has any suggestions let them flow as well!!
I will leave you with a few last pics of random stuff we got...
Hard Rock cafe
Fabulous chocolate store in the galleria behind our hotel!!

Where we ate the most delicious crepes and the absolute best French vanilla ice cream I have ever had in my life!!!

Have a fabulous day everyone and please don't forget to leave me your ideas or suggestions in a comment!!

A Beintot!!


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