Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy, busy and oh yeah busy....

I have been non-stop going all week and this weekend has been no different!!  What I wouldn't give for just one lazy careful what you wish is coming.  Mr. M informed me a few days ago he has to go TDY again!!  I am used to his last minute trips and have put in the effort to make sure I have last minute items just for these lucky is he that I am so prepared?!!!  I keep trying to tell you all I am fabulous and this is just one example!! *grins*

So we have had several fairwells this week for a dear friend of ours who is not only leaving us but retiring from the Army all together..lucky son of a gun!!  We will miss him a lot and can't wait to go back to the states to see him and his family again.  I told you all before that I had taken the time to make him an airplane survival kit for the plane ride home and it was a hit. Now not only was it supposed to be functional but also funny to try and break up all the emotional stuff that goes along with saying goodbye to someone who truly will be missed.
Here are a few pics of the gift I put together...
Of course leaving Germany he had to have some gummi baren to take with him!!

And we all know how filthy airplanes are so we got him some hand sanitizer. The card said "Do you watch the news,airplanes are filthy" the really funny part was Mr. M reading the card and saying "Do you watch the news, airplanes are faithful"..really?!!  Sheesh men can't read!!

Of course this man has a reputation for "having gas" and letting it go at the most inappropriate times..oh yeah he is one of those people you walk by in the store and you know you smell it but he will not even show that it was him who just let it rip!!!
The card read "In case you eat the airplane food..for your comfort!"  This got the biggest laugh and I think I enjoyed watching the Garrison Commander crack up more then anything!!

The second biggest laugh was for this one..a portable air freshner spray. The card read "In case you eat the airplane food..for everyone else on the plane"  It's a really long flight and I didn't think anyone should suffer for that long with the stuff this guy puts out!!  Again a big laugh and seriously some people in tears!!
Woohoo a big hit and the only bad thing about it was people then asking me if I would do that for someone else leaving..what?!!!  This was personal and I have no intention of making a business out of roasting gifts..sheeesh!!!!  Yeah ok I would totally do it just for the fun of it!! 

Ok so fairwells aside and tons of fun was had by all and we are not even done yet..Ughhhhh!!!!   All I have to say is there had better be this much of an ordeal when we leave...are you listening people!!!  Hell will be had if there isn't!!  *smiles*

So I was telling you all that we had gone to a bingo night last week and it was so much fun. All the procedes went to an academic club at the middle school so it was an easy decision to go and help these kids with their adventures of going ot nationals.  They really do good and last year they went all the way to State...go kids!!!  So we bought our bingo cards and were having fun..and we won a game..Yay for us!!!!  I was really excited because the game we won had fabulous prizes...
We  won a Polish pottery soup toureen and ladel.  I have one of these already and know how much they cost so was super stocked to get this and.....

a calligraphy set..really!!!  I am so super excited to try this puppy out let me tell ya!!  Who doesn't love to win stuff and then to have it be fabulous things that you love love love!!!

So needless to say it was a great week, a busy week and in a way a sad week!!  Hopefully this week will be a little less busy but who knows. I know that as of now Mr. M is going away, and the girls have all their usual after school stuff and of course I will be hitting the gym....which is great since I will need any extra energy I can get!!!

I will be back with more of our weekend happenings!
Have a great rest of the weekend everyone and thanks again to all my new followers and hope to see many more of you!!


Anonymous said...

Aww, those gummy bears bring back memories. When I was younger, every time my grandfather would visit Germany (which was quite a bit) he would bring back that brand of gummy bears for me. Then they started appearing on the shelves at Walmart in the states and it just wasn't as cool anymore. Still, they're my favorite!

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