Monday, May 3, 2010


All morning I have been thinking about what to blog and really I have decided I need to find something to follow on Mondays..any ideas or anyone do anything they love please let me know!!

I have a lot to say but not really much to facinate the masses...oh yeah I work really hard to try and keep you all happy!!  See how special you all are to me?!! Seriously!!!  I love you all!!!

So today is pretty much going to be randomness so please excuse the messy Monday style..

*Mr. M left today to go TDY and I was laughing so hard at the fact that I packed everything for him except his dress uniform. He got up this morning and asked what I packed and all I said was "you are set..don't worry about it and you will have everything you need".  Am I really that good you ask?!!!  HELL Yeah!!!  I have been last minute packing for this man for so many years I could do it in my sleep!!   I keep telling you all I am special....sheeeeeeeeeeesh!!

*I got a call today from a woman telling me about a luncheon and inviting me to come...Yay I love things to do while the girls are in school that involve errands or cleaning!!!   Thank you sooooo much for my phone actually working today when I needed it to!!

*DD2 informed me this morning that she no longer likes cereal..ummmm well that is going to suck for her because I don't do hot breakfasts unless it's testing days!!!  I guess I better stock up on poptarts and instant waffles! My kids are spoiled in every way they can me a hot breakfast is no big deal to them!! Don't judge me!!

*I went to buy a coffee usual stop if I am out and about in the mornings...only to discover I had no dollars in my wallet what so ever!  I had tons of Euro but no dollars...I hate doing a debit for less then $5..ughhhhh!!

*DD1 has a dentist appointment today at the same time I have to pick up DD2 from school so I will be rushing from one school to the other..taking DD1 to the dentist and then running over to the next building to get DD2 changed into her tutu for ballet. I wonder if the dental office will mind that I am running in and out the door all afternoon?  I wonder if they will think I care if they mind?!!! I am too busy to care really!! Yup I said it!

*So it is the 3rd of the month and I am already completely booked until the last Saturday of the month!!  People always ask me why I don't work and I think I should just buy one of those cameras that you can wear on your belt or something and show them all what I do all day every day!!  I absolutely hate when people ask the dumbest questions!  Do they seriously think that because I don't have a paying job that I do nothing?!!

*I started planning our next trip and the hotels so far are much cheaper then I thought they would be.  London here we come!!

Ok that is pretty much it for now friends..thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will find something more to write about soon!!
Ciao for now!


Anonymous said...

I like to do a Military Mondays blog hop over at I can't remember if I found you from that or not...haha but I just thought I'd share. Happy Monday!

Cassie said...

I've done Ian's Monday Minute at and Travis' Memoir Monday at Of course the Military Mondays may be more up your alley.

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