Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's Day Mania with Mama M

Ok so I know normally Wednesday's I ramble on and on and all of you are so intrigued by my celebrity like life that you just can't help but read on and on!!! Baahaahaaaaa!!  Ok I cracked myself up on that one but seriously freinds I am going to do something a little different today. I am joining up to do the..


It lasts for 5 days and has prizes..ohhhhh yeah I said prizes!!!  Waahooo for prizes!!!  No I am not just doing this for the prizes..what kind of a person do you think I am!!! *totally doing it for the prizes*  Muahuahuah!!

Ok so you can click the button above and go get in on the action yourself and see if you can steal a prize away from me win a prize for yourself! Today's theme is Whoopsie moments.

I would have to say my biggest whoppsie moment with either of my girls would have to be.......

A long, long time not dinosaur era....when my DD1 was 2 yrs old and Mr. M had been at a school we went to the PX to meet up with him on a break.  We were walking through the PX and DD1 asked if she could skip. I said "yes" because I was not really paying attention to her I was busy talking to Mr. M.  Now in my defense to this next part..seriously...I hadn't seen Mr. M in a month and I had been stuck at home with a 2 yr old this whole time ok!!  So get the picture of a stressed out and lonely mom and a young mom at that...yes believe it or not I was young once..sheeeeesh!!  Ok getting back to the 2 yr old skipping through the store and mom and dad chatting it up and not paying a bit of attention to their precious child. Next thing we knew we heard *crash* and looked at the floor to see DD1 laying on her back with glass all over her and what used to be a mirror lined pillar in the middle of the store smashed to bits and all over my child.  Now the best thing to do at this point is comfort your child right?!!  Of course but she had glass all over her so I said to Mr. M "don't touch her we need to get the glass off of her" he said "F the glass I am picking her up"  ok I give him that one!!  So by this time several people in the store who had heard the extremely loud crash of my daughters head and body hitting and shattering the mirror were now staring at us and one employee freaked out and called the manager.  Here we are trying to get all the glass out of our poor childs hair and praying that the manager is not going to tell us we had to pay for the mirror(we were young remember and flipping broke!). The manager comes flying around the corner and my heart pauses to see what he is going to say. He says "OMG let's get her to the customer service they have a first aid kit and I will call the emergency room for you."  Hmmmm ok that doesn't sound like what I thought it would know "you stupid idiots I can't believe you let your daughter walk into a glass mirror in my store"  his words were much better!
So we run over to the customer service desk and the manager by now has found a medic who was in the store by chance and the medic is looking at DD1 and cleaning her face..oh yeah did I mention she had a huge gash in her forehead and their was blood all over her face, clothes and by now Mr. M and the store floor? he gets her face cleaned up and them tells her not to touch her eyes...oh another thing did I mention that this brave little child did not cry once this whole time? she nods her head and looks at us.

Ok by now I am freaked out..especially after the medic says"we need to be sure she didn't get any glass in her eyes" and the manager comes back and says "the emergency room is expecting you and they will get her all taken care of"  So as we rush out of the store and I am telling the manager "I am so sorry about this" and he keeps saying "don't worry just take care of your girl" we are headed off the ER.  Now a few minutes in the ER they check her eyes and no glass thank goodness. Mr. M and myself are feeling like idiots for having not paid attention and the first thing we think of is..ummmm he is now late for getting back to his school and he has blood all over his uniform!!  Uuuuughhhhhhhh!  So we leave the ER and rush him back to his school and he explains what happened and thank goodness they let him off since you know..he had his kids blood all over him!!  Just an FYI blood on your uniform is a total excuse folks...not that I ever reccomend it or condone it..but hey it saved Mr. M's behind!

So yeah I guess that would be my biggest whoopsie as a mom. I kind of figure that is so much worse then letting the dog sit on DD1's head and not moving the dog until I had taken a picture or the time DD1 wandered off in the store and I totally didn't notice until someone came around the corner saying"is that your mommy?"  Oh yeah we have all had those moments but I am telling you now...letting your child skip through a store and not paying attention so that she runs straight into a glass mirror is by far my biggest whoopsie!!

So there you have it friends!!  I think that is totally worth a prize...don't you all!!!!!

Now all of you go over to Mama M's and get your prize winning stories started!!!


Mama M. said...

Oh dear...please don't hate me when I say that I laughed! I could just picture it! I am soooo glad to hear she was okay!!

Lynn said...

Don't hate me either b/c I laughed throughout the entire story! The way you portrayed it was great. I am sure at the time though you were scared out of your mind but I am glad she was ok.

Lorilynne said...

I laughed too, I couldn't help it! I know if it happened to me I would be hyperventilating (I do not do well with blood).

Sand ... Man said...

I am sorry, I am guilty of the laugh too... but because I could imagine it happening, to me when I was little!!!!

I am glad that she was okay though! And I never thought about the blood as an excuse, I might have to borrow that one time!

Have a wonderful Mothers Day and I am looking forward to the next 4 days of your posts! I am a new follower=)!!!

Beth said...

Oh My Goodness! That is priceless! Thank you for the laughter! You told the story well! :)

Your newest (for the moment) follower!

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