Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Mania..Day 2


Ok so today is Day 2 of the Mother's Day Mania with Mama M and today is all about birth stories!!
So click the button and join in on all the fun with us!  You know you have some fabulous mom stories you are just dying to put out there!!

Birth story for DD1.....
First I have to give you a little background so you get the full picture on this one. Mr. M was deployed to Bosnia from the time I was 3 months pregnant with DD1 so I relied heavily on some really dear friends for anything I needed during this pregnancy.  As much as I hate to ask for help I also know when it is time to suck it up and just ask!  Ok so  now you have..first pregnancy(full term anyway), hubby gone and at the time we had a Rottweiler(full blown gigantic teddy bear).  So I passed my due date and the doctor's kept telling me I was mentally holding her in and that if I didn't go into labor they were going to have to induce. I kept saying "oh no you are not my hubby will be home soon and then I will have this baby". Neither of us were right!! So here I am 2 weeks overdue and dr's all over me to come in and what do I do you say?!! Well I was young, and stupid and alone so I ignore the dr's calls and stay away from the hospital. All the time Mr. M is on a plane on his way home and I am bound and determined to wait for him. So my mom calls me and says "I don't know when you are going to have this baby(all the while not knowing what is really going on with me and the dr's) but I am coming up there(from Oklahoma to Kansas) to see you".  Ok great now I would have to deal with dr's and my mom...Ughhhh!!!
So mom comes up to see me and she decides that I am going to have this baby and tells me that she wants to go out and do some shopping..that was so unfair because she knows I can't resist shopping of any kind!!   So we head out of the house around 8am and seriously by 4pm we were still out and still shopping and I thought I was going to drop the baby right there in the mall!!  I was in pain but I couldn't tell my mom...seriously in my head at that moment I thought telling my mom would disappoint her that she would have to stop shopping....yes again I was young and dumb!!  So we finally get finished shopping and are heading home around 5:30pm. On the way home I finally tell my mom I have been having pain and a lot of pressure in my belly and she says"oh it's probably just because you have been busy all day walking"   Again remember my mom knows nothing about the dr's saying I needed to deliver soon or them saying I was mentally holding the baby inside.  She did however know that Mr. M was on a plane on his way home and that I was hoping to wait for him!
So we get back to the house and the pain is now so bad I am struggling to not let my mom know just how bad it is. I keep telling her I think this is it and she keeps telling me "No they will just send you back home"  So by the time my contractions that I have been secretly timing has gotten to about 2 minutes apart and I can not contain the pain any longer I say "we need to go to the hospital". My mom again says" ok but it is a waste of time and they are just going to send you home".
  At the hospital they hook me up and say "yes you are contracting but you are far enough along so we will  have to send you home"  Oh yeah I got the look from my mom and I was pissed!!  So by now I have held this poor baby inside for over 2 weeks past her due date and I am not in pain..beginning contractions my ass those suckers friggin hurt!!!  So as the nurse comes back in to check my contractions..and to tell me to please stop screaming(really?!! I was in pain people!)she says "let's stand you up and I will help you get your pants back on"  I said "No I am  not going home I am in pain and I pushed as hard as I possibly could...ok in my mind as a first time mom and not knowing exactly how things went I was trying to push the baby out...well as soon as I pushed there was a woooooosh of fluid that came straight out of me!!!  I freaked out..again not knowing what the hell that was...and the nurse says to me"Oh my there is meconium we better get you in a bed". Now in my mind I am thinking...first-haha on you I told you I was not going home and second-what the heck is meconium?  So they get me to a bed and hook me up with an iv line going into my belly to wash off the baby and make sure she doesn't breathe any of that stuff in...again I am totally lost and a little freaked out!
 After 6 hours of checking me they tell me I am finally ready to start pushing and as I have already been given an epidural....and told the drug doctor that I loved him....I was so ready to start pushing.  So I push and push and push and push for 1 hour. The doctor comes into the room and says "if you don't seriously start pushing I am just going to give you a c-section" I say to the doctor "I am pushing my ass off and if you try to cut me open I will sue you"  Yupp that's right folks I passed nice a looooooooooooooong time ago and she was being a *itch!  So after 2 1/2 hours of pushing she returns to my room and says "ok it's time to sign the papers to do the c-section" I say "I told you no and I am doing the best I can" The nurse then chimes in and says" she is pushing really good but I can feel the baby's head and it is stuck under her pelvic bone so that is why it's taking so long" The doctor rolls her eyes and storms off!  The nurse looks at me and says "you are fine just keep trying"  By this time I seriously want to die and I am cursing out Mr. M and the doctor and my mom and telling everyone to kiss my behind, but I keep pushing.  In the middle of trying to push again the dr comes in with an ultrasound machine to try and see what is going on. She does the US and says "this is about a 7 or 8 pound baby you need to push harder"  So 4 hours of pushing and the baby's head finally makes it under my pelvic bone and is crowning and they move me over to delivery.
 The dr still being a *itch says"well it's about time" at the same time I am pushing and pushing and the other dr(intern) in the room says "umm I don't think this is a 7 pound baby"  As he asks if he should just go ahead and cut me the rest of the way....I am now freaked out..cut me?!! ....what the??!!!   The dr says "yes go ahead"  oh yeah friends  that would be a 4th degree the time I find out what that means I am already all torn up.  So DD1 finally decides to come out after 6 hours of pushing and ripping a hole in me....literally..and as my beautiful 10lb 1.2 oz 21 in baby girl comes into the world all I hear is "OMG I am so so so so sorry" from the dr!  As the lady who told me to stop screaming, that she was going to cut me open, to try harder and that I was not doing good enough saw my not so little baby girl she actually started to cry!  She came over to me and said" I am so sorry I had no idea and I can't believe the US didn't show how big she was"  By now I am exhausted and just want to be left alone except the fact that I was starving.  So baby all cleaned up and me in the recovery bed and Mr. M stuck in the Netherlands since his plane had broken down and mom beaming from ear to ear while watching the baby sleep I finally went to sleep...for an hour until the dr came in to check my stitches.  It was definitely eventful and I do not regret a thing about it. I had some really wonderful nurses and even though my dr was a *itch at times I even saw a different side of her when my little beauty was born!!

Oh and just in case you were wondering...Mr. M finally made it home when DD1 was 9 days old!

Mr. M seeing his first born for the first time. She was 9 days old and I was still sitting on a donut!  LOL

*excuse the picture quality my scanner isn't plugged in so I had to take pics of pics! LOL

Now go back up to the top and click on that button and get your mommy stories out there with the rest of us. Did I mention there were prizes?!!  You could steal a prize from me win a prize also!!
Happy Thursday everyone!!


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10 lbs!! Holy Moley!!

cfoxes33 said...

If you go to my blog, I have my story about the baby that didn't come. I have an award for you there too!

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