Thursday, May 13, 2010

TDML Thursday!

For those of you who missed a few weeks ago I started TDML Thursday to share the story of Mr. M and myself and our lives as they began. TDML=Trip Down Memory case you were wondering! LOL

So I left off where Mr. M and I had our first date and it went a lot better then I had expected.  I really was starting to like this guy and his funny, country ways that came along with him.  Over the next few weeks he would call me and ask me out every day. I soon found out that he was only in Oklahoma on leave and would be heading off to Kansas where he was to be stationed. I wasn't sure where we were going but I was so intrigued by this man that the thought of him leaving me was beginning to really bother me...ohh and that scared the heck out of me!!  I was in a point in my life where I dated whomever and wasn't really looking for a serious relationship but I could not shake the feelings I had whenever I was around him.  It was a feeling I had never had before and as much as I liked it I was also terrified by it!  So we went out for a week and then the day came for him for leave and we said our goodbyes and that we could keep in touch.
 The first time I heard from him again was a phone call where of course I reminded him that my birthday was coming up and it was a HUGE deal since I was turning 21!!!  Aaaaahh the memories of that night.....whoops ok back on track.  So a few days later I get a birthday card in the mail and a very sweet letter as well.
As much as I was trying to deny my feelings simply because it was all new to me I knew that I had fallen hard for this guy and if he so much as went a day without calling me I was totally freaking out!! Oh yes my friends I was smitten and along with that came the insecurities about him being in another state and the lonely nights without him and I hated it!

   We talked a lot and he came down to see me several times over the next few sweet was that right?!!  We all know how hard it is to get away with the military but he managed it even on one day off!!!  Yupp that's right I had taken his heart as well and he was going so far out of his way to be with me our fate was sealed before either of us even realized it.  One day we were talking on the phone and he said "I need to come down this weekend and see you because I have something I want to ask you"  OMG  did he really just say that??!! My heart was pounding out of my chest and I could not believe my ears!!!  Trust me you could not have wiped the smile off my face by now!  So  he comes down to Oklahoma and we spend a nice weekend  together and at lunch he asks me "So do you think that you could handle being married to someone who was in the military? I will travel a lot and probably be gone for long periods of time and I just want to know if you even think you could deal with that."  *shocked and so flipping happy*  I said "My father was military and I am used to moving around a lot and being around military and yes I am pretty sure I could handle it..why?"  Ok come on now of course I was waiting for the actual question to be asked. I mean that wasn't a proposal was it?!!
So we spent the rest of the day at the state fair..I loved the fairs every year and most of all the ferris wheel.  So we had fun and then headed back to his hotel room...oh did I forget to tell you that he wanted to spend all of his time with me so he had rented a hotel room to stay in because he didn't want his family knowing he was in town.  Ok so that probably should have tipped me off to a controlling family on his side but love is blind right?!! LOL
So sitting at the hotel and talking about what to do for dinner I was a little disappointed that he had not popped the question already..I mean what the heck was he waiting for. We went to the fair and we rode the ferris wheel and how romantic would it have been to be proposed to on a ferris wheel for pity sakes!!!!  So yes I was a little sad and he could tell and so as we are sitting there he says to me" I know why you are sad and I am sorry but I just lost my courage at the fair"  I just stared at him and said "for what?"  He said "well I know what you want me to say so will you marry me?" *jaw dropped and eyes changed to evil* I said "are you kidding me?  NO"  Now of all the stupid, insensitive ways to propose to someone that is what I got?!!  Ummm I don't think so buddy!!  I was pissed!!!!!!!!   We talked a little bit longer and of course he was crushed..well sorry but he should have been that was horrible and insensitive of him to say that.  So we decide to go shopping..nothing else cheers me up better then a shopping trip and I had totally decided he was buying me something after that crap.  So we head to the mall and of course the first thing he starts doing is looking in jewelry stores asking me what I liked. Ok I can play this game buddy so I show him beautiful rings that I love and I knew he couldn't afford...yes I was being mean and yes I realized later it was really mean of me but at the time it was funny!!  Don't judge me I was young!!!  and stupid!!!  I totally admit that now!!
So he takes me home and we agree to meet up the next day for breakfast since I had to be at work later in the afternoon and he was leaving to head back to Kansas. 

  The next morning he picks me up and we have a good breakfast and he asks me if I wouldn't mind going back to his hotel so he could go ahead and pack his things and spend a little more time with me so I agree.
He is packing and I am sitting on the sofa talking to him when suddenly he gets quiet. I look over and he is on one knee holding a ring..not just any ring but the one I swore he could not afford!! OMG he really does love me!  He says" Now I love you and I want to marry you so will you marry me please?"  Seriously, I might have taken a micro second and then jumped him and said "yes yes yes"!!

  So that is my proposal story..quant isn't it?!!  It may not be fancy or over the top romantic but I can not tell that story enough in my lifetime. I love our story and how we came to be and it just gets better and better and of course I will share all of the story with you. One day a week here on my blog! 
So be sure to come back here next Thursday for another thrilling story of our lives and how we got to where we are now!!

Ciao for now!


Cassie said...

That's so neat. I think it's cute that he lost his nerve at the fair and had to ask the next day.

Gaile said...

That is so funny! I actually proposed to my hubby on our 2 year dating anniversary (if I had waited for HIM to propose, I would STILL be waiting....he has an uncle who has a GIRLFRIEND of more than 35 years......and he totally does not see anything wrong with that!)
But I also lost my nerve, was going to do it at dinner, and then when that didn't work out I was planning to ask him over dessert at his house...still coudn't quite make the words come out, so waited until after our 'dessert dessert' *wink wink*. I will have to blog about it sometime, it was.....INTERESTING.

CoffeeLovinMom said...

That is a great story! Love that you 'jumped'him when you said yes! I may have to take part in TDMLone Thursday..

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