Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To ramble or not to ramble....

Ok so normally Wednesdays are my total ramble days but today I was thinking about maybe doing something different....NOT!!  Are you kidding me I looooooooooooooove to ramble!!! Baahaahaaa You didn't really believe I wouldn't ramble did you?!!!  Gullible much?!!!  Oh ok maybe that's not so silly readers you!!  Is that better?!!

Ok so this week so far has been eventful as my weekdays usually are and a little crazy.  So why is it that when we have everything settled and our lives seem to be going just right we always seem to shake them up a bit?!! For real people I have a wicked way of making my life go from easy to OMG overnight!!  It's insane!!
So the girls have been in their activities just long enough for me to get into a serious routine....stop laughing yes it takes me a while to get in sync with things sometimes!!  So all has been great..busy but great..and so what do I do well of course I shake it up.  Now not only am I saying I add a little chaos of my own doing but really I made a daggum martini folks..totally shaked and maybe a little stirred as well!!  I decided I needed to mess with our bank...OHHHHHH yeah I did say the bank!!!  Of all the banks we have had in all of our lives with moving around and being in different countries I have never been totally satisfied with my banking EVER!!  So we finally found a really good one..well credit union and apparently it is very important to say that..they really don't like you to call them a bank so Credit Union it is!! I decided to change our direct deposit and guess what...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah I flubbed it all up!!  Now I did get the accounts done right and got everything switched but did I do it the way the credit union wanted it?!! NOPE!!!!

So let's just say the past few days of talking online, on the phone and in person with employees of the credit union  I am still not squared away.  Who would have ever thought that it would make such a big deal who is primary on an account...really?!!!!  Let me just warn all of you out there that is a VERY important thing right now!!  Let me save you the days upon days of headache it is taking just to try and fix it now.  Not only do I now have to open new accounts with Mr. M as primary but I have to redo direct deposit and all automatic bills and redo checks!  I swear by the time I get this all done they are going to know me very well at this bank  Credit Union!!  I think after this is all said and done I might just march in there one day and tell them how much "I like this bank!!"  Hahahahahaha  ok maybe just I thought that would be funny!!  I mean I don't want to make them mad they are going to have all my money after all!  LOL

So hopefully by the end of this week I will have it all done and will be able to take a day or so to enjoy the non chaos again of course until I screw it up decide to start something else difficult.

Don't forget tomorrow I am going to get back into my trip down memory lane Thursday!! If you missed the first one about how Mr. M and I met you must go back and read's fabulous of course!!!


Cassie said...

Have you ever noticed that the bank is always right and you are always wrong? It doesn't matter how careful I am with my balancing and online record checking, if something goes wrong, the bank will always patiently explain how I am wrong and they are right.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yep, been there with the bank, because I set everything up, and then we run into probs when hubs needs on something, ugh!

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