Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogger 101!

Happy hump day everyone!!

First I want to say thank you so much to everyone who left such sweet congrats and comments on my blog yesterday and welcome to my newest followers!!  I am so new to all this blogger stuff still but learning more and more each day. I have learned so much in my life and this is just one of the many things that I am determined to figure out in time.  In my life there are so  many important messages I have come across and so much information that is relevant to me and my life so I thought I would share just a few things with all of you my lovely followers and readers alike.  So here goes...
1. Houses do not clean themsleves...we have all closed our eyes and wished upon stars but it doesn't work ladies sorry!!

2. Husband do not train themselves..alas we must actually take the time to teach our men to put the toilet seat down, clean their whiskers off the bathroom sink and put their dirty clothes actually in the hampers..don't cry now some of them actually start to learn relatively fast!!

3. Those extra pounds you put on over the years will not just fall off if you wish hard is a sad fact that gimicks, diets and rubbish pills will not make that spare tire around our waists just fall off.  Unfortunately we actually have to do the dreaded  workouts to make it happen.  Don't shoot the messenger folks you knew it you just didn't want to admit stop spending money on the gimmicks and use the money to buy new clothes once you actually get the pounds off on your own!!

4. Banks will never just put money in your account just because they love you....this one is one of the worst truths I have come across.  Now they value you as customers so where is the love right?!!!  Apparently we have to love ourselves and make those deposits on our own..sighhhhh!!

5. If you don't take the time to teach your kids right from wrong and what is acceptable behavior and what is not then how do you expect them to do right and act right?!!  I have seen way too many people who are actually surprised when their kids act up in public or get caught stealing or vandalising when the parent knows full well that they gave up being a good parent a long time ago.  Now I am not talking about those parents who do everything in their power and still end up with the trouble makers..I swear it is predetermined in the womb who will be troublesome or not...but those parents who just gave up a long time ago and let their kids do as they pleased and then act surprised when they get that call from the police.

6.You can not make life long friends with people if you do not put yourself out there.  Seriously folks on this one I am so guilty!!!  I have no idea why no one is begging me to be their friend and why no one is calling me to do lunch or go to the movies without me having to go to them first?  I mean I am fabulous after all and they should all want to be my friend..baaahaaahaaa..Yupp I do live in a fantasy world and for the most part it is nice except when the realization kicks in that you actually have to put yourself out there or else people think you are stuck up and is that hard for me to write even knowing full well I am so guilty of it!  I can tel you though that I have turned a new leaf and am now actively persuing friendships and making things happen for myself!! Yay me!!

Ok so maybe these are all my learning experiences and some may pertain to you and some may not. So what are your life long realizations and do you have any advice for others who might be in your same shoes?!!  I would love to hear what everyone has to say so please don't be shy(like me) and leave a comment or do your own blog about it and let me know!

Oh and btw I was totally shopping yesterday for the prize I was going to give away and found this fabulous "thing". I will come up with some fantastic thing to do to give it away I promise!!  Here is a is from Poland and you can bake in it!!  Are you dying now???    OMG I am!!!!

Have a good one!!  Ciao for now!


Cassie said...

LMAO!!!! Banks don't just deposit money cause they like you? So THAT's what's wrong with my account balance! LOL!!!

Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

I am so with you on the LBs not just melting away because we wish for it to happen. Too bad it doesn't work that way though!

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