Thursday, June 3, 2010

TDML Thursday!

Whoa how did we get to Thursday so quick?!!!!  It seems like time is flying by with all the end of the year events, recitals, parties and socials.  Don't get me wrong I am one of those people that absolutely loves being busy as long as it is not hectic busy but when whole weeks go by and I can't remember what I was doing a week ago then I start to wonder if I am functioning on auto pilot!  Apparently I didn't mess anything up or miss anything though since no angry phone calls were made to me....honestly I like getting those it is sometimes the kick in the butt I need to get myself in gear!

So here we are at another Thursday and I will once again share my life story with all of you.  Last Thursday I had left off where Mr. M was once again preparing to deploy and I was pregnant with our first little girl. Of course he was with me for the first 2 months of the know the fun ones where you throw up all the time and tell him he stinks and to get away from you.  I will never forget the morning he left though....there we were at 1am at the company waiting on the buses to arrive and take my man away from me once again and as I previously stated I was living in pukeyville at the time so between hugging and cuddling and talking about all the last minute stuff I was throwing up the entire time.  Now for some reason with my first pregnancy nothing helped with the nausea except for milk...yupp ladies I said milk!!  So around 2am Mr. M was still not gone and I was so miserable and just wanted a bed to die in but there was no way I was leaving him to see himself off so he went on a hunt of the barracks for anyone who was not leaving on the deployment and might possibly have some milk in their fridge.  Now you gotta love a man who will run around at 2am trying to find you milk right?!!  So he actually found some and I started to feel a little better just in time for the buses to arrive and him to have to leave..priceless right?!!! Haha  I was in no shape to argue with fate right then so we said our goodbyes and he was off.  I of course went home and crashed into my big empty bed all alone and swore I was not getting up the next day at all....yeah right! 

Ok so fun pukey stuff over let's move on to the remainder of the deployment and my first pregnancy.  Now to this day I swear my pregnancy brain had a mind of it's own and did crazy things like allow someone to move in with me for my sake...baahaaaahaaa  definitely didn't work out for my sake!!!  This horrible woman who claimed to be my friend was supposed to be staying with help me out and yet all she seemed to do was party like she wasn't married, come home in the middle of the night and run up my phone bill without paying it!!  We all have had our stupid mistakes I know but this one was killing me.  Here I am trying to be positive with my husband deployed and my first baby girl on her way and now I had to deal with Mrs. partyanimal sleeparound!!  Let me tell you how much fun that was!!!  Well I think the only times it was fun was when she would come home around 2 or 3am and my dog...a gigantic Rottweiler names Tyson...would growl and bark at her and not let her in the door so she would have to ring the door bell to wake me up.  Well as not fun as that sounds it actually was since a few times I chose to not hear the doorbell and let her sit on the front porch until I decided I wanted to get up..hahaha!! See told you it was fun!  Then of course there was the time I finally told her she had to get out since I was 8 months pregnant and she was living in my nursery..duhhhhh!!!  She totally didn't get that either...some people I tell ya!  So anywho  I told her I wanted her out, told housing I wanted her out and then told the company I wanted her out. Then 2 weeks later I called the company and her once again and said "If she is not out of my house by 5pm today I am taking my 8 month pregnant and pissed off self upstairs and dragging all of her crap down the stairs myself and throwing it on the curb"  I was actually amazed when not only did she arrive on time but a few guys to help get her stuff out of my house and even a few nice MP's to make sure I didn't kill her...would I do that?!!!!  Hey hormonal and pissed off you never know but seriously all I did was stand outside on my front lawn with my beautiful dog on a leash just to scare the crap out of her.  I was told once by one of the MP's to put my dog away that it wasn't necessary to have him out there and I think that just because any time he tried to come up to me Tyson would growl at him..baahaaahaaa some people!!

Ok so I am not usually crazy and again I totally blame pregnancy hormones on the craziness but either way it was my way or the highway and my way really seemed to work well with people so why change it right?!!

So crazy lady moved out of my house and I started on my nursery..yayyyyyy!!!  I had so many caring people around me and by this point I was unable to do alot of the things I wanted to do so they helped me pretty much everything.  My bestie and I put the crib together..I think it only took us a few tries before we finally figured it out....don't laugh those things are confusing!!  I had some other friends come over and help me put up the wallpaper and border and hang up all the stuff for the walls. Another friend came over to help me wash all the clothes and get everything put away.  I was truly truly blessed with a ton of fabulous friends and will never ever forget any of them for all they did for me.

Now I have already told my whole birth story of when I had my first little blessing come into this world and how Mr. M missed it all but you read it here and see just how wonderful it all was.  The only things that were left out of that story were that not only was my mom there with me but 2 of my best friends who had stuck with me through everything and been nothing but total angels to me the entire pregnancy. Also my little brother who had insisted that as soon as I went into labor he wanted to be called. Well my mom and I decided not to call him until midnight which is when it was so far along that we knew she was coming..ok totally my moms idea but anywho she called him at midnight. Now it was a 4 hour drive from Stillwater,OK to Ft. Riley, KS but that boy made it in 2 hours.  I don't even want to know how many laws he broke getting there but I was so tickled and greatful that he was even there I didn't care.  The first time I saw him was when they finally wheeled me out to the delivery room and apparently I looked half dead because all I saw was his face and him saying" is she ok?"  The next time I heard his voice was when the doctor told me "stop screaming you are going to scare the other moms" and my little bro saying through the door"shut up and let her scream"  Ohhh man did I ever love him for that one!!! 

Ok so you now know all about our second deployment together and my first pregnancy and all my fabulous friends I had. Ohhh and just in case you wanted to know yes I still talk with most of those people who were there for me through that deployment and one of my besties is still and always will be my best friend in the whole world as well as both of my kids guardian along with her fabulous hubby!!

Alright ladies so I will leave it there and figure out the perfect place to start up again next Thursday.  Until then enjoy your life, hubbies, kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, pets and all those moments that make our lives truly blessed!!!

Ciao for now!


Dazee Dreamer said...

I was picturing you standing outside with the dog. hilarious. And good on ya. Men, they will never learn to not piss off a woman, and a pregnant one especially

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