Monday, June 7, 2010

Crying at the ballet...

So DD2 had her ballet recital yesterday and to say I was a proud mom would be totally understating it!!  It was a  lot of work getting the girls ready and making sure everyone was there and in order but once we got to sit down and watch our little angels it was pure heaven!!!

Mr. M promised not to make fun of me if I cried and even support me....baahaahaaaa!!  Really now when women cry what do men do?!!  They freak out and aren't sure whether to hug you or hit someone right?!!  Yupp well he was a little freaked out but I have to say he kept it down to a minimum. Haha on are all just big softies at heart and your secret is SOOO out!!!

So here are some pics of the recital and they did fabulous...

Could she possibly get any cuter??!!!  Moving on before I start to cry again...

Nutcracker eat your heart out because my little girl is taking the ballet world by storm!!!  Ok so I am allowed to say that because I am her mom..don't  judge the stage mom!!

By the end of the recital we had watched so many kids preform and they all did a fabulous job!  I am not more excited then ever for the Fall season to start so I can see more greatness from all of these kids and yes probably cry just a little bit more!!

It was a busy and great weekend and also a frustrating one at times but we made it through and we will be moving on to more fun this week and the rest of the month basically.  Wow I forgot how busy the end of the school year can get and I am so behind on my summer house cleaning I might just have to hire someone the clean my house..baaahaahaaa....ok I needed a good laugh!!  Seriously though my house is probably crying right about now but I don't have time just yet to give it the attention it needs so it will just have to whimper a bit longer!!  Anyone find the secret to a self cleaning house yet??  I could really use one right about now!!

I hope you enjoy the ballet as much as we do and I would love to see any pics anyone has of their little angels doing ballet. Have a great week and see you here again tomorrow..same time...same place!!

Caio for now!


Dazee Dreamer said...

such a cutie

Maranda said...

Oh my gosh! What a cutie patootie!!!

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