Sunday, June 6, 2010

When plans don't quite work out....

Ok so Saturday was supposed to be a busy and fun filled day and yet somehow it all got ruined..why??!!!!!!!  Well let's start with Saturday morning where DD2 had a rehearsal for her ballet recital that is today. That wasn't so bad except that our rehearsal time started late which made us get out of there late which made me not get all the really good stuff I could have gotten at the community yard sale had I made it here earlier...POO!!!!!
Here is DD2 in her costume during rehearsal...

Ohhh what a proud mama I was yesterday and as Mr. M said to me "you are so gonna cry at the recital" I truly do think I will!!!

Now as cute as her up on stage was these moments are the ones that made me truly smile and want to just ball at the same time..

she forgot what she was doing...

 could not wipe the grin off my face!!!!

So after watching the rehearsal and being so proud I could barely hold it in we hit up the community wide yard sales going on just outside of the rehearsal hall.  I love me some yard sales and love to get good bargains!!  Mr. M says I should try selling some of my junk instead of just collecting more and I always say to him"  It is not junk to me and you will someday thank me for saving us tons of money"  All in all I am praying that when we finally retire from the military and get our dream home that all this junk I have been collecting over the years will actually have a place in our home...cross your fingers for me ladies or I just might have to give Mr. M a "you were right" and I hate having to do that!! LOL

The best thing I found at the yard sale was surprisingly the one thing that both Mr. M and myself saw and said "wow I like that"!! I was floored!!!  Did he really just say he wanted something as bad as I did?!!  Did he just tell me to buy it no matter what the cost?!!!  Ok ok so it wasn't a grand piano but we both wanted it and here it is...

Yupp it's a gigantic bottle!!  Now my thoughts were.."holy cow I could do so many different things with that and it could have so many different functions" and Mr. M's thoughts were "Man I could collect all my change in that thing"  Sooo as you can see from the picture it of right now anyway...a change jar...sighhhhh!!!!

I kind of had to give him that one since we really do have a storage room full of my "had to haves" and he has never barked about it.

Now after that we got ready to head home only to find out our oldest had picked something up for herself...a friend!!!  So we got in the truck and headed out with the 3 girls..we are so gullible sometimes I swear!! Haha!!  Off we went to lunch and then home to try and relax until of course Mr. M got called to work. Now this was the night we were first supposed to be going to see the castle illumination(no cruise tickets and I hate going downtown at that time) and then it was that I was supposed to be going to see SATC2 but what was I doing instead...babysitting!!!  Ughhhhh!!!  So I spent the night watching kids and thinking about how much fun I could have been having if not for the Army....yupp once again they got me!!!!  That would be 1 million and 1 to the Army and 2 to me!!!  Of course I keep count it makes it fun..sort of!!

Ok so we have our recital in a few hours and I will definitely be back here to show you beautiful pictures and update you on anything else going on. Have a grand day and try to stay cool!!

Ciao for now!


Dazee Dreamer said...

I love the moments on film, like your daughter "forgetting". Those pictures years later are the best!

Christy said...

Cute pictures. Fun find, I've been searching for a large jar/jug like that! I have to say that I LOVE yard/garage sales but the post wides here just are not nearly as good as they are in the states. Flexibility can really stink sometimes (I don't always like that little Army "requirement").

Forever Neighbor said...

Your daughter looked so beautiful in her dress. I went to our post wide yard sale last month and got soooo much. I am going to this post wide yard sale this month but only planning on getting clothes for the kids...but we will see ;)

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