Monday, July 26, 2010

And so a new beginning has come......

Ok seriously ya'll I had a fabulous weekend!! Despite the drama surrounding everything I do I have ignored it all and just gone on with my life as if it didn't exist.  I thought I was doing a dang good job at it also but yesterday drama's little sister reared it's ugly head and I was blind sided!!  Why is it that when something is wrong some people choose to take the low road and instead of just talking to you about it they prefer to put up nasty messages on facebook or maybe even just quit talking to you?!!!
I have said it once ya'll and apparently I will have to say it again..I DO NOT DO DRAMA!!  If you want to have someone kiss your butt or drag the stuff out of you you have gone to the wrong person!  I am a total kill them with kindness sort of person and with that said I will be nice and curteous and civil to everyone but don't expect me to climb a dang wall just to be your friend.
Of all the stuff that has been happening lately in my life and all the stuff I have had to do lately I just don't have time to please everyone all the time.  That sounds so crazy probably to you all but really I have spent my entire life trying to be the one person who would never be mean to anyone for any reason and I am total believer in Karma and the fact that you should do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.  This philosophy has made my life pretty fantastic and yet at some times pretty hectic.  I will not change my life or the way I choose to live it just to please anyone but I will however do anything I possibly can to help out absolutely anyone that needs help!  I will continue to live the way that I love to live and the way that has made my life what it is today. I will not kiss anyone's butt! I will not beg for anyone's friendship! Most of all...I will not participate in drama!
Saturday we had some new friends over for dinner and had a fabulous time!  Our kids got along great and we were able to just relax and chat about all the places we want to go while here in Europe and it was fantastic!

Sunday I woke up with my head feeling like a truck ran it over and had to go out and get some sinus meds. I am so tired of this rain and it makes my allergies and sinuses go nuts!!!  So after getting meds we got a call from another friend who invited out to a bbq. The bbq sounded great since with my headache and not feeling so hot I didn't think I would feel like bowling at all. We called our friends whom we were supposed to bowl with and instead invited them to the bbq. They said they would stop by but never showed up.   Of course all that did was make me feel bad for them not showing up..I know I know I am pitiful but again I don't like anyone to feel left out.  Later that night as I am reading facebook I come across a status that makes me think that maybe I have now upset someone because we changed our plans.  Have I mentioned that I hate thinking that I may have hurt someones feelings or upset them in any way?!!  Yupp and so the guilt trip starts!!  I feel like crap and everything I say doesn't really seem to help at all.  You can't really appologize for upsetting someone if they won't even tell you what they are upset about right?!!  I give up!!

I am done with all the mess and I am tired of feeling bad because someone else decided to wig out and get all pissy!  Yupp that's right folks my days of people pleasing is over. If it doesn't make me happy then forget it!  From now on I am going to do what I want when I want and no I am not saying I am going to turn into a Bi*** but I am saying that I am done trying to make everyone elses lives easier!  I am who I am and I will continue to help others out with anything I can that is just my nature but I will NOT sit here and feel bad because someone else wants to throw a hissy fit and be mad without being willing to adult up and talk about it.  I am an adult and will act accordingly and if that is not enough for anyone around me then it was nice to meet you and see you soon!!

Leaf turned and my new way of life starts today!!!

*sorry so long folks but today I really needed this and from now on it all happy all the time!!!  I am fabulous and I am going to start showing it!!! :)


Dazee Dreamer said...

Good for you. You have joined my club. If they don't have the balls to be upfront about it with you, then they are dumb a's. And I would totally have not wanted to bowl either if I had my head going crazy. Life is too short for people like that. I'm proud of you.

Maranda said...

I absolutely despise drama. And it seems like there's a lot of it going on lately. I'm sorry you had to deal with it but I'm glad you are rising above it and not dealing with it anymore!

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