Sunday, August 8, 2010

Laziness,cats and dogs, and wine!

So Saturday Mr. M and I decided to take the first half of the day to just be lazy!! Ahhhhhhh how nice it was and how long it has been since we actually had just a plain ole lazy day together. It was fun and we even finally watched a movie which of course we hadn't had time to watch all week and it was already late..whoopsie!! :) 

The movie,Open House, was ehhhhh ok I guess. It really didn't make much sense for most of the movie and honestly the ending sucked big time!! After watching an overpaid for crappy movie we decided to take the girls to see Cat's and Dogs at the movie theatre. Ok seriously AAFES can you...ohhhh I dunno...maybe clean the flipping theatre even once a dang day?!!!  I am so tired of going to the theatre only to have my shoes stick to the floor because it is so nasty, disgustingly filthy that you have nowhere to walk without sticking to the floor. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!  The movie was funny and the girls laughed so much I just knew it was hit for them. We did have a group of 2 yr olds in the front of the theatre and the first half hour or so it was cute to hear "I need to go potty" or "can I have a drink too" from them but after that it was annoying and distracting from the movie.  It was nice and I do enjoy having that family time with just the four of us so I guess it was worth the sticky, icky floors and the loud 2 yr olds with us.

Once the movie was over we came home and dropped off the truck and headed over to a friends house for dinner and some adult conversation. Several hours later, several bottles of wine later and several of their neighbors coming over the entire night was fabulous!!  Let me tell you how funny some of their neighbors are..for real!!!  We were chatting, laughing and just having a great relaxing time and it was the best ending to a great day!!  Still no balcony sitting but I will give them some extra time to find the bolts to their benches I guess..sighhhhhhh...I mean they just moved in and all!! I am so nice right?!! Haha!!

Great weekend so far and hopefully today will continue to trend!! I hope you all have a great weekend as well. What did you all do this weekend?


Dazee Dreamer said...

Fun times. I haven't even heard of the movie Open House. Sticky floors at the movie theater, just yuk, double yuk and triple yuk.

Maranda said...

That sounds like my kind of night! You know how much I love the wine! LOL!! I have a deck/balcony you can sit on. I even have wine! Come on over!!! LOL!

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