Monday, August 2, 2010

Men,Friends,Jealousy, and Fun!!

So I totally left you all last week with something I really didn't want to get all into but now let me just fill you in so you will understand some of the mayhem going on in my fabulous world!!

Last week Mr. M hurt his hand...really the story is just too long and so I will shorten for you..Man's fist gets crushed and no other person was it!!  Good!!  So when it is your right hand and you are right handed and of course you live in Europe so that your car is standard because I swear that is all they make over here..dang standard people....then life gets a little crazy right?!!  Mr. M can't drive himself to work, tie his own shoes, open pretty much anything so not only does he hate it but it adds more stress in my life as well.  I am sooooo NOT saying I am mad at him or blame him for anything..seriously I love to dote on him which he hates...but it has as I said added more stuff into my life so it's like having 3 kids!  Oh and Hahahahahaha on the person who thought it was PMS!!  You totally made me laugh and I so needed that laugh!!

Now on to the weekend....Saturday morning our friends got back from Jamiaca...yupp still jealous but dealing with it..and so I spent all morning and day helping them get to their house and get groceries for their house and all the little odds and ends that we all have to get when move..which is friggin always in the military right?!!  So by the time I got done I had like 30 minutes to shower,change and be ready for the other friends coming up to go on the boat ride with us.  I was so excited for this boat ride and totally stoked that they were coming to go with!!  I think I was more excited about meeting some fellow bloggers IRL then anything else but the castle illumination was FABULOUS!!!  It really did look like the castles were on fire and the fireworks were better then the ones we had for the 4th of July so it was a well worth it trip!!

We all went to dinner first..of course at our favorite place...and then headed to the boat where we were told that the boat we were looking for was changed...Ummmm thanks for the phone call people!! Sheeesh!! I mean when I bought the tickets you HAD to have 2 phone numbers so what exactly was that stink all about if you weren't even going to call to tell me that btw your boat is not going to be the same one I told you...DUHHHHH!!!  Swift job USO!!  Pfffffttttt!!  Then as we stand in line to get on the boat there are 2 cowboys running around talking about terrorists...for real!!!  Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..can't we all just get along!!!  Nope apparently some people have huge vivid imaginations and swear that anyone with darker skin, standing by themselves holding a briefcase are all terrorists..for the love of.....!!!  It actually became a joke as the ride went on..he was trying to pick up women...he was an indian being chased by cowboys..he was going to abduct me(to which I said "heck yeah that would be a good blog")  Uhhh yes I do always think of lovely readers, friends, followers...even when faced with being abducted by an indian terrorist trying to pick up older women!!  Hahahahahahahahahaha!!  Are you getting the night I had yet?!!  It was amazing and funny and grand!!  Best show I have been to in a long time!   You all are so jealous you didn't go now aren't ya?!!

Sunday let to us sleeping in since you know we didn't get to bed until 1am...yes that is late for us..stop laughing!!  We are old people with kids who go to bed early and wake up early...OMG I sound like a goober..oh well I know I am fabulous so anywho! Once again I headed out to help my friend...hmmmm she needs a blog name so I can stop calling her my friend..ummmm..hmmmm..ok ok I got it!  Starting over...I headed out to pick up Jamaicagirl and take her around to do some more shopping..crazy moving shopping..2 carts full of crap that you really don't want to buy but you have to or atleast feel like you have to at the time to try and fill that ugly empty house since you have nothing yet but yourselves and the suitcases you came with.  It was actually fun until we got the the powerzone and had to return the laptop they bought that didn't work only to find out they didn't have anymore of that one...Huge issue...HUGE!!  See Mr. Jamiacagirl is leaving soon and that was to be his laptop so now he was going to have to find a different one..I totally get the frustration of not feeling at home yet and still trying to prepare to leave your family!  I wish there were more I could do for them but for now I just do what I can and hope it all works out in the end.  Finally after everything was done that could be done I headed home and made dinner for my family.
Mr. M of course can't do anything..again the hand is immobile...and I didn't want them to think I forgot about them either.

Today was pretty much a catch up day for all the chores I neglected to get done this weekend or Mr. M was unable to help me with...dang hand problems..ughhhh!!!  Laundry started and dishes done I then headed over to pick up Mr. M from his office and take him to the clinic where he was told he had a fracture in his hand. I would think this is a big deal especially in your hand but apparently to the Army doc this was nothing! He had to beg for pain meds and even then they only gave him 400mg Motrin...really??!!!!  Shame on you all for not taking better care of a soldier who was hurt while doing one of your danged stupid ass training exercises!!!  Tisk tisk you pooey docs!!!  Yupp I said it and so there you have it!!

My life has been filled with crappy weather, tons of chores, getting ready for school, meeting new friends, catching up with old friends, PTSA errands, kids and injuries!! So far the only thing missing out of my summer is traveling which will be in less then 2 weeks!!  Woot Woot!!!  Finally Mr. M will be taking some leave and we will head to Italy to explore. Also on the agenda are again the Mainau Island which I have still not made it to and also Rhein falls in Switzerland. We are also hoping to make it to Legoland and Movie park but since he only got half the leave he buttheads...we will see if we have enough time for that!


Dazee Dreamer said...

Hope your husbands hand gets better. That has got to suck.

Damn those people that don't let you know. I probably would have gone off. But I'm mean, unlike you. :)

It's Something Beautiful said...

I hope his hand gets better soon! That cant be fun not being able to do simple tasks. :(

Mom in High Heels said...

Oh no! Poor Mr. M! Hope his hand is better soon (for both your sakes).
We wanted to do the 4 castle boat ride this year,but since it was the same day as Indy's party, I knew I wouldn't be up for it. We did it last year (it was on Indy's b-day last year) and it was wonderful! We'll be doing the final HD castle illumination in Sept. We'll be on the Warrant Officer Assoc. boat if you guys want to go. It's fun!
We were just at Legoland and it was fun! You can buy a family ticket at for only 89 Euros (2 adults, 2 kids), which is way cheaper than buying them at the park.
Mmmmm...Italy! I love Italy! Where all are you going?

jayayceeblog said...

I am so glad you're going to get to Italy with your sweetie ... hope his hand is feeling much better!

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