Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Military wives and tollerance..

Ok so toady is the day where usually I just ramble on about..well nothing major stuff but today I am going to take a stand!  Today is the day that I tell you all about how being military wife has affected me and how I believe we should all not only act to one another but also about how we decide we want others to act around us.
Of all the years I have been a military brat and now a military spouse I have seen a lot of fabulous women go above and beyond to help one another out. I am ever so greatful to all military wives who have chosen the high road in life and decided to help out other military wives with everything that they have in an attempt to make our little community one that we are all proud of. There are however some wives out there that will ruin for all of us who are working our little tails off to make our world grand and tell us just what they think of us for ignorant reason.  For all of those women out there who have had to deal with someone turning their nose up to you because your husband is enlisted not officer or because your husband is lower ranking then theirs...I salute you!!  If you have been through an ignorance tornado and made it out with your head held high...I salute you!
It has been an extremely long time since I have ever had anyone think it was ok to treat me in a manner in which I felt was nothing but pure ignorance but alas it has happened recently and so I am telling you all about it.  To hear a fellow military wife say to someone else "we don't associate with enlisted and we don't associate with others who do"  is just plain ignorance and snobbery!!  If you think that you are any better then me then by all means prove it!!  Your husband may get paid more then mine but that does not make you any better then me!!  I was raised to be kind and tollerant and just and apparently you were raised to be a bitch!! Excuse my language all but seriously there is no other word for this woman!!
I have a college degree and worked my tail off to get it while raising my kids and moving every few years to follow my husband who was serving his country faithfully and honestly. So how exactly are you any better then me?!!  I think that as military wives we have a responsibility to take care of each other and to make sure that everyone no matter what their rank completely understands just how important our job is.  We all send our husbands off to deployments and tdys and places we would never dare to dream of going let alone volunteer to go to but we support them nonetheless because we are courageous,warm.loving,supportive wives who would never dream of a life without our husbands. We would do anything we had to just to make sure our country is taken care of even if that means sacrificing our own happiness for months or years or even giving the ultimate sacrifice!  So can you tell me how some nasty woman can decide that it is ok for her to turn her nose up to me just because my husband chose enlisted instead of officer?!!!

I dread the day I actually have to stand up to someone like that for my husband..don't get me wrong ya'll I WILL with great pleasure let her know exactly who I am and who my husband is!! I am damn proud of what he does and who he is and will never shy away from that!  For those wives out there who have decided to live a life of snobbery I pitty you!! I actually pity the lifestyle that you have chosen and can only hope that when that day comes and your husbands life is saved by an enlisted will happen because that is Karma....then I pray that you finally find the courage in your heart to realize the error of your ways and embrace that man with all you have!!

Aren't we supposed to be supporting our troops not sticking our noses up at them?!!

I will get off my rant now but let me leave you with this....Have you ever had someone make you feel bad about yourself simply because of who your husband was?  We all need to take a stand and let people know that that is not acceptable to us and we are not going to just sit by and let it go!!

If you agree with anything I have said or maybe you yourself have been in a similar situation then please blog about it!  Let's show everyone out there that this is not ok and we all need to learn to support one another!!


jayayceeblog said...

Wow, I am absolutely stunned speechless at the idiocy and ignorance of anyone who would say something like that out loud let alone think it! You should be so proud of your military man and yourself for doing what you do for our country ... I am ... and I thank you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I can't believe someone would say that. It makes me mad when I hear about other officers' spouses making comments like that. It makes us look bad. I just want to shout, "You're *husband* has the shiny swag on his uniform! Not you!" It also bothers me because then people think I'm just like that previous officer's spouse, and they don't want to be my friend. =(

Dazee Dreamer said...

Good on you. I'm glad you are telling them off. I have a ton of respect for ALL in the military. Especially those that are putting their lives on the line every day.

I think those kind of people that you are talking about, would be that kind of person no matter what. I have people treating my husband like shit because he isn't a member of the dominate religion here. So I know what you are talking about.

Big hugs from me. You go girl.

Maranda said...

Hear, hear!!! Good for you! I think that is just horrible. I've never been one to "see rank." And even still...hasn't she ever heard the story of the FRG meeting where the Lieutenant Colonel told all the wives to line up in order of rank, after some time of confusion he told them to all sit the Hell down because NONE of them had any rank. Good for you for taking a stand. Bullets don't care about rank and neither should we!

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that women get involved with their husbands rank at all. You are you, not your husband. Thats what some army wives really need to learn

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