Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thanks and crazy days!!

First off I wanted to say Thank you to all of you whom left me such fabulous comments yesterday on my little rant!!  It is rare that I come across such people but honestly it still shocks me when I do.  Yes my  husband is in the military and yes I support him 110% of the time but I,myself, have NO rank!!  As many of you said and I so truly believe we as wives have to stick together and rank plays absolutely no part in that!  Just as I have always said I adore blogging and it brings so many of us together for fun, laughs,advice,rants and just plain ole friendships!  I have never ever felt any type of rank here in bloggerville and for that I am truly greatful! I love all of you bloggers out there no matter whom you are, what you do or don't do or even where you are!  I love to read about all your different walks of life and truly am greatful for knowing each and every one of you!  To you all....Cheers and big hugs!! I toasted with coffee since it's ummm 9am here but was totally thinking it was wine so that counts right?!!! lol

Yesterday was to be a busy but fun day and it turned out busy, crazy, sad,stressful, and ended up a bust!!  I headed out of town with a friend to check some stuff out. I got some great plate holders which I had been looking for for awhile now so was really happy about that and also found a really cute lamp..well ok 3 really cute lamps I wanted but knew Mr. M would pitch a fit if I got them without his approval. He is so funny how he could care less how I decorate the house and yet let me buy some big purchase without him seeing it first and you would think I stabbed him with knife...sheeesh men!!  So I will have to return there another day to show him the lamps before I get them...the things we women do to make our men feel included I swear!! lol
So after that we headed off to have lunch and then a little more shopping. I got some crazy hair thing which Mrs. Jaimacagirl said are awesome and work fabulously!  We shall see with my crazy curly hair I usually can't use the same stuff as everyone else but I am always up for trying new things so I bought some.  If I actually get them to work I will take a pic and show you all..they are like cork screws for your hair to make an updo..totally clueless?  I was!! We shall see.
A few hours back at home to do some minor cleaning and finish up laundry..yuuuuck..and I was coordinating dinner and a movie with Mr. M and Mr. and Mrs. Jamiacagirl.  We finally get it all set up and we meet for dinner which was fast since it took awhile to get it all coordinated and we were all a bit late so we ate like..well like military men in a chow hall..haha!!!  As soon as we were done eating Mrs. Jamaicagirl and I headed off to the movies. I was dying to see this movie "SITC2" since I had missed it the first time it came around with things going on. Of course we get there 15 minutes before start time and stand in a crazy long line..didn't these people see this movie already..ughhhh..and we stand and stand and stand..the whole time realizing that they floor of the movie theatre is so dang dirty that our shoes are sticking to it...can you say gross?!!!!  Ewwwwwwww seriously!!!  We finally get our tickets and head in to grab our seats a few minutes into the movie..dang lines!!!  The movie is great...we are laughing..having a great time..smiling and totally enjoying ourselves when low and behold the movie guy flubbs it up again!!!  I have yet to ever go to this movie theatre when they don't flub up the film and we end up watching an hour and half movie in about 3 hours....can someone say new movie people?!!!  So about 2 hours into us being there and probably about an hour into the movie Mr. Jamaicagirl calls and says he is locked out of the house and needs the house key.  Ok as much as I was dying to see this movie and it was taking flipping forever for them to play it right...Mr. Jamaicagirl and their kids sitting outside was not even an option to finish the movie.  We raced out of the theatre and headed home to let them in all the while Mrs. Jamaicagirl is appologizing and I am reassuring her that her family stuck outside is much more important then a dang movie.  So I drop her off at home and she promises "when the dvd comes out it's you, me, wine and we are seeing it"!  Ok well did you think I was going to say no that one?!! Hahaa  I am soo there!! 

So I headed home to explain the whole night to Mr. M who laughs and feels bad like I did about them sitting outside and how we wish they had called sooner or that we had known but alas hindsight is 2020 right?!!  It all turned out ok in the end and from what I saw of the movie I totally loved it!!  I can't for it to come out on dvd now to actually see the movie in its entirety without any flubs or replays and of course seeing the ending!!  It may not have been the night I imagined but I have to say it is always exciting around the Jamaica family!!!

So I hope you all have a great day today and hopefully you never get locked outside of your house, you never have anyone throw their nonexistant rank in your face, and you always end the day with a big smile!!!

Ciao for now!


Mom in High Heels said...

I'm sorry, did you not get the memo about the 4 stars I wear on my collar? No, wait, I want to have 5. Yes, that's it. I have 5 stars. From now on, I expect you to salute whenever you see me and don't make eye contact unless I give you permission. Also, If you see my car coming, you should pull over and let me pass. Please make sure everyone else knows the rules. :) Bwahahaha! BTW, I'll see what I can do about those opening times in the community. Or maybe not. I'm far too important to be bothered.
Sorry about the movie. I saw it the first time it was here (and guess what? They messed it up!) and you absolutely need to see it when it comes out on DVD.

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