Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bad blogger...bad, bad blogger!!

Ok so let's go back in time for just a many of you remember the movie "Gremlins"? Well then you will understand when I say my past weeks have been..trashed, trashed, trashed!!!  I totally loved that part!! :)
I have been so busy and swamped I really have not had time to do anything but what I had to...yupp no fun for me ya'll!  That was until yesterday when I went to a luncheon..a much needed break and I had a blast! Great people, good food and I laughed and laughed and laughed..oh yeah and won a raffle prize!! Woohoooo for me!! I never win stuff so I was totally excited!  I will take a pic and show you all later what I won.  So basically I have been busy and sorry I have been a bad blogger but  I have super pics for you today so that should make up for it right?!!!  *grins*

Ok so last weekend we decided to just get the heck out of town and headed off early one morning to go to Konstanz, Germany and Mainau Island. It was GORGEOUS!!! For real I could spend a week there...just beautiful!  Well you will see for yourself..first up is Sea life where we got to see some cool stuff..

So it was set up to look like the town above the tanks and everything in the tanks is what you would find in the Rhein river there.

This was my favorite little cute is he?!!  I just want to hug him!!!

This guy scared the batooties outta me!! Yupp we went in one of those tube things where they swim over your head and this guy came right up next to me and yes...I jumped!!!  Oyyyyy dang shark!!

How beautiful is this pic?!!!  It was so nice and relaxing just watching the boats fly by and seeing the calm of the river.

Next we headed to Mainau Island and here we are in front of the duck made of flowers.  There were so many beautiful things on this island and it truly was a fun time.

Here is the castle on the island. We lucked out and just happened to be there on a day when they were finishing up a classic car race. We got to watch everyone pass the finish line and see all the beautiful old cars!!

This was the gorgeous vineyard on the as nice as it was there was no tasting of the wine!! I know I know what were they thinking right?!! Well let's just say we had a little tasting of our own when we picked a few grapes...shut your mouth yes I did it!!  They were dang sour too!!  We did finally head over the cafe on the island and buy some of their was good.

So once we left the island we headed back home. It was a very long day that started around 5am and ended back home around 11pm. Sunday we slept in..baaahaaahaaaa yeah right!! I wish!  Daggon body clock always wakes me up early...pooey on body clocks!

Ok so I will continue with out weekend tomorrow. Hope you all enjoy the pics and I will definitely be back tomorrow with more of our weekend and more pics.
Have a fabulous day everyone!

Ciao for now!


Queenie Jeannie said...

What a fun time you all had!!! I'm thinking I need to do the same thing and just get out of my empty house for a day! The leaves are just starting to change and it's so gorgeous here!!!

Maranda said...

Oh my. Those pictures are stunning! I'm glad you all had a good time. I totally understand the crazy busy weeks. Here's to a quiet week for you! Cheers!

Jennifer Bowen said...

Hi, Mrs. M! Found you through another blog. It's great to find another person here in Germany. My family and I arrived in Heidelberg last month. My husband and I wanted to take our children to Sea Life, but we've only heard of the one in Speyer. Is the one in Konstanz much better? Just wondering. I love your photos, btw! Keep 'em coming. =)

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