Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coffee and the mail...

So I have been this week doing all my final preparations for the ball as well as working on the birthday party. On Sunday I was invited to a coffee with the spouses club! My first thought was "coffee heck yeah" then my second thought was "meeting new people double heck yeah"! You all know how much I enjoy my coffee and combine that with some great conversation and the opportunity to meet new people and I am totally stoked!!

So this morning I will have to skip the gym and get ready for the coffee instead. A little sacrifice but in my opinion well worth it! Once I am done with the coffee then I will have to run over and check the mail. I am still waiting on my wrap for the ball and seeing an email saying I had a package last night got me all excited that maybe it actually made it here in time..please please please be my wrap!! Our weather has been all over the place lately. Cold in the morning and warming up to hot by dinner time. It is insane to try and dress for this kind of weather because I am either freezing in the morning or super hot by afternoon and needing to change clothes. My laundry duties surely do not like this weather either.

Yesterday morning I took a little trip with a good friend to the French deli in town and we had breakfast. Is there anything any better then a chocolate croissant and a latte for breakfast?!! I think not!!  It was a nice time and we ventured down to the Italian store to check out some wine and then to Aldi to stock up on some produce and other goodies. It was a short day for the kids in school so the rest of the day was running errands with kids...not exactly my pick!  I so love my mommy time where I get to do all I need to do by myself without having to spend an extra 20 minutes waiting on kids to get ready or listening to "mommy can I have" all day. I do love my mommy time. Can you tell?!! :)

So after I drop of DD2 at school then it will be get ready time and then coffee time for me!! Yayyyy for coffee!! I swear it is what keeps me sane some days. Cross your fingers for me that the mail will deliver my wrap and I will not freeze my buns off at the ball this weekend!!!

Have a fabulous day everyone and be sure to come back tomorrow for more fabulous questions from one of my favorite bloggers..Mama M!!!!  Have I told you she is fabulous lately?!!!  Well then come back tomorrow and check her out for yourself.

Ciao for now!


Mom in High Heels said...

Did you go to Mantei and Pronto without me? Well! Just kidding. :)
I did the new spouse coffee last year and it was loads of fun. Christie (Mrs. Ham) is so nice and who wouldn't want to go to the General's house? ;)
I hope your wrap is here. I can't wait to see photos!

Kat said...

Sounds like fun! Enjoy!

Cassie said...

I hope you meet some great new kindred spirits with your coffee!

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