Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend fun,flounders and fabulousness..

Ok so I know you all were just dying to hear about the ball right?!! Yeah I thought so!  I know some of you live vicariously through other blogs..don't deny it! I totally do it especially with those who have traveled to all the places I am still wanting to go to..ahem  help would be nice!! :)
Let me start with the ball and then I will go into the movie we saw and a few other things.
Mr. M and I were way excited to be getting dressed up and heading out on the town..ok ok so Mr. M would have been happier had he not had to wear a dang bowtie but still. What is it with men and wearing bowties?!! I do have to say though in some of our pics he does look like he is being strangled by the dang thing...ok maybe I get it now!! It didn't matter though because strangled or not we were going out and having a good time and we did!  The ball was held at the Village Pavillion here and I was amazed at how many people they were able to squeeze in that thing. Picture a large banquet room with a stage at one end and then 800 people crammed into way too few tables. Yes the seating was not so hot but what can you do right?!!  We ate elbow to elbow and didn't care. The food was alright..the food is never fantastic so not a big deal to us really. Normally we plan a McDonalds run for after the ball anyway...yupp we are cool like that!!  So the line to get into the ball was crazy long and then we stood in line so long at the bar that by the time we got up to the bar I had decided to tell the woman just give me the bottle of wine because I am so not coming back again!! I did too!  Me and my bottle and glass went through the overcrowded room to my seat and watched as every woman I passed looked at me like I was holding a pot of gold..yupp they wanted my wine..goodluck ladies!! I stood in line for 30 minutes to get that dang bottle and I was bleeding it dry..hmmpffffff!  Ok so I shared some with friends but still it was mine!! haha
After a few glasses of wine and finding out that some idiots at our table had taken it upon themselves to remove one of our couples and let their friends sit there it was a fun night just waiting to happen. Now picture sitting elbow to elbow with people you love and then people you can't stand...getting it now?!!!  Oh yes the wine was a grand idea because it made some of the night bearable!!  Oh what it must be like to be a 40 something woman who acts like a teenager still in highschool. She was mean and hateful to anyone she deemed inappropriately dressed and once she had her food she was down right lude and gross.  So yes I had a good time at the ball once I had enough wine in me to be able to ignore the unclassed female sitting across from me.  It was definitely something I will never forget and we were more then happy to take our leave and head home.
I do have to say though even with dealing with crazy women and messed up seating we had fun just being together and doing something different.  I do have to say that I was quite taken with how Mr. M looked all snazzied up in his uniform...HOTTTT!  Oh yeah I completely remembered why I married a man in uniform that night!  *giggles*

Handsome right?!!  Yeah I know I am lucky!! Too bad the dang photographer kept telling me to tilt my head so it looked like I had a dang double chin...nice right?!!  Oh well it makes my heart swell to be standing next to such a hottie!!!  MMmmhmmmmmm

So that was our ball..good, bad and a little ugly to wrap it all up!  On Sunday we met up with a friend and her kids and we watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It was a good movie and we couldn't stop laughing at how the girls were awe struck from the time it started they barely moved. I think any movie that doesn't have animation and can keep DD2's attention is fabulous in my book!  I enjoyed it as well.  I would totally reccomend it to anyone with kids or even not with did have a small love story to it as well.

After the movie we headed over to have dinner at a local restaurant. In the time we have been here it has gone from bad to worse to better to fabulous and now we seem to be back to loser status and we will not be freqenting that place any more.  I hate to see places go down like that but seriously the service is so bad that it makes even the fabulous food not so grand truly is a shame!!

So our weekend basically was filled with fun, good food, bad food, bad service, crazy women, ugliness and fabulousness all rolled into one!  Let's just say that by last night I was completely mentally exhausted!!

I do have to say though to any of you who are planning to go to a ball anytime NOT forget to bring your camera!! *grins*

Have a great day everyone and I will see you tomorrow for the fabulous post it note Tuesday!!

Ciao for now!


Mom in High Heels said...

You guys look great!! Love the dress. We liked the movie too. Indy thought it was "super awesome."
Did you guys go to the Village Grille for dinner? Their food is okay, but the service is abysmal. We went there for lunch on Sat after Indy's soccer game. Good food, crummy service.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you for sharing. I will be attending my first ball in Germany some time in March, very excited.

Jennifer Bowen said...

You both look great! Glad you had fun despite the craziness. I can't stand hateful individuals, either. Pray tell where you went for dinner so I can avoid the place. =)

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