Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kids today...

Well this morning I went up the elementary school to volunteer at DD2's class. They were having a Fall craft day and it just amazes me at all the fantastic things that kids do today. I have to admit I always get nervous when it comes to actually being in a room with more then 5 little kids at a time. It is a nerve racking for me. Needless to say it was fun to a point and then I dealt with some kids that really just shook me up.

For the most part it was so humbling to hear a majority of the kids having fun with everything and wanting to know if they could make extra crafts for their brother, sister, or mom or dad to take home. I just had to smile and say "of course you can!" Then you always have those kids who will try to take advantage or else just plain not listen to you and those are the ones that blow my  mind. To have a child say to you "I don't have to listen to you" or "I am not talking to you..duh"  Are you serious?!!  When exactly did it become ok to let your kids act like that?!  I can tell you in my house if you get sassy you will deal with the consequences of your actions and that is THAT!  I pray every day that what I have taught my girls will last them a life time and that not only will they listen to me when I tell them how to act or what to say but that they will also share that with their peers and be proud of it.
Not that I am trying to pat myself on the back but I truly take pride when I hear people say nice things about my girls. How they act or their manners they use is a reflection on me and how well I have managed to raise them up to this point. I swell with pride every time someone says to me "your kids are so well behaved" or "I love being around your kids because they are so good and it rubs off on my kids to be like that"!  Who wouldn't love to hear that?!!

I am definitely not one of those mothers who watches my kids act up and just ignores it or says "kids will be kids" because simply to me that is a line of boohockey!!  If you seriously think that it is ok to allow your child to be disrespectful towards anyone especially an adult then you have more serious issues then you even probably know you do.  It is not hard to teach good family values to your kids and now a days it seems to be harder and harder to come across. 

Yes I know I am ranting on and on and for those of you reading this with kids my only hope is that you stop and think about how your kids act and how you would expect them to act when they are not around you. If you have done your job as a parent then you will not hesitate even once and will probably agree with everything I have just said. If you, however, are one of those moms who thinks it is ok to let your kid act up or be disrespectful because they are "just being kids" then do us all a favor and WAKE THE HECK UP!!

If you do not get control of your kids now then the chances of you getting control of them when they are independent teenagers is going to be a whole other story.  I really do hope that anyone dealing with an unruly or disrespectful child will someday find whatever it is they need to find to help them and their child before it is too late. No one wants to think bad of their child but some parents truly do need a reality check when it comes to their little ones!


Mom in High Heels said...

Preach it! Indy can drive me INSANE, but he's generally very well behaved in public and it makes me so happy to hear someone tell me how good he is. I always breathe a huge sigh of relief. I can't stand when kids sass or back talk. Indy knows he'd be in big trouble if he did that.

High Heeled Life said...

FABULOUS POST !!! We are waiting to be blessed with a child... but I find it amazing sometimes at what Parents let children get away ... I.E.. roaming the restaurant and disturbing other patrons; speaking back to adults; swearing; and do not get me started on what they are allowed to wear ... "It's a Phase" just doesn't cut it when teenagers are running around with pant waists down to their knees and underpants exposed to the world .. beside being rude, I'm certain its a danger to the teenager they could so easily trip... I hope many readers take your motherly advise to heart!!! xo HHL

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