Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bloggers and giveaways...

There are so many fabulous bloggers out there and I just can't tell you how much I adore them all!  Whether  I just enjoy hearing of their daily lives, checking out their recipes or getting real life advice they are all just simply adorable I tell ya!!

One blogger I recently discovered has this fabulous giveaway going on and although I would of course love to keep it a secret so I have a better chance to win I feel the need to share it with you for a few reasons.
The first reason being that I think everyone should follow this  fabulous lady. She truly is just adorable and her story is so uplifting it makes me smile every time I read her blog.
The second reason being that her giveaway is GORGEOUS!!!!!  I am totally buying one if I don't win it of course. :)

So please go check out HH and all her fabulousness along with get in on the giveaway!

I am off to go shopping downtown today!! Have a fabulous day everyone and I will see you all later!!


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

That is my kind of giveaway too! Love me a little MJ!

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