Monday, October 4, 2010

Partie, puzzles and exhaustion...

Ok so after spending hours getting all the food done and gathering everything up together we headed off to set up for DD1's birthday party bright and early Saturday morning.  Of course it was raining..not downpouring just enough to tick ya off because you have to stand out in it and set all this stuff up ya we get to start putting the canopy up in the rain which I swear took us hours..actually not that long but it so seemed liked it..and then the tables. We decided to not put up the obstacle course until it stopped raining..we were totally working on  hope here people!!  Once people started arriving it has stopped raining..can you say Hallelujah?!!!!  We had all the food cooked and let the kids eat. Once they were done eating it was a scavenger hunt(DD1's team won..hehe) and then cake, presents, pinata and then obstacle course. I planned the party for 3 hours and boy am I glad I said that long or else we wouldn't have gotten to everything. There was no dull moment in the 3 hours and I am pretty sure all the kids had a good time. It was definitely nice to see DD1 so happy but  I have to admit I watched her and would catch her every now and then being assertive....which she is never like at home, wierd right?!!..anywho it was nice to see that she can stand up and take control if she needs to.  We did have a few scragglers who kept coming over and taking off with food or drinks...I sicked one of our friends on them and they never came back..haha take that silly kids!!!
It just amazes me sometimes how kids can take it upon themselves to go right into someone else's party and make themselves at home without a worry in the world..bad parenting maybe?!!!  Hmmmm I dunno!!

Here are a few pics from the party..

Opening presents....

The pineapple pinata she just HAD to have....

the candy favorite part of the pinata :)

Although it probably looks like  a lot of fun..ok ok we tried it out and it WAS fun but anywho....they kids spent most of their time NOT bouncing around having fun with the obstacle course but just sitting on it chatting...HUH?!!!  Ok so I admit I am a slight bit clueless when it comes to teenage girls but that one truly stumped me beyond all other things!!  Any clues anyone?!!!  anyone??!!!!

Now DD1's cake was months of planning and finding what she wanted and picking colors and flavors and finally this is what we ended up with.....

It was gorgeous and just as yummy as it looks!!! Of course it was completely chocolate per DD1's request. Chocolate cake inside with oreo cream filling..can you say yummmmmmmmmmm?!!!!  It was so good we didn't have much left over to take home...dang it!!!  Oh well my waist is thankful anyway!!

One of the gifts DD1 received was this puzzle which I thought was super cool and she did too! Of course on Sunday we all watched in awe as she put it together piece by piece and here are the results...

Ok so seriously how cool is that puzzle...oh and if you are wondering it came with the stand kit where you put a magnet on the inside of the puzzle and it sticks to the stand and holds it up suspended like that..jealous?!!!  I wanted one..for real!!!!

So after the party and the clean up and some sleep we took a much needed break on Sunday!!  We were pooped!  We were supposed to be doing things but honestly we just didn't have it in us so we cancelled everything with our regrets and camped out on the sofa watching movies all was heaven!!!

So how was your weekend?!!  Any parties coming up in your near future?  I am at this very moment planning our Halloween party we will be having in just a few weeks...oyyyyyy!!! Yeah I love it but still...2 in one month....just shoot me now!!!


Jennifer Bowen said...

It looks like everybody had a wonderful time, especially your daughter. I'm sure all your hard work was definitely worth it.

I love that cake! Did you make it yourself? And that puzzle is a great gift idea. I bet your daughter enjoyed putting it together.

{Amanda} said...

Congrats, girlie! You were the randomly chosen winner of my weekly blog party, & I've featured you in my latest post!

Check it out & post the button on your blog to show the world how awesome you are! :)

♥ Happy Wednesday!

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