Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adee adee adee......

Yeah so ok I have been a slight bit a whole flipping lot busy this week and have been a bad blogger!!  I can not believe I have been so busy that I skipped post it note Tuesday...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!  Don't worry though folks because this blog will not only catch you all up on my life craziness but I will backtrack..yupp I said it!!  So get ready for updates, post it's and a few other things!

For those of you wondering what the whole title thing is let me tell you...see I have a dear friend,Jamaicagirl, and she is always saying these things that tend to stick in my head and that is one of them. It is hilarious and frustrating when I hear myself saying some of them seeing as I have never been to that country nor ever knew what they were until I met her. She is a total foreign influence!! haha
Ok so Monday I have a doctors appointment that went something like this..
Doctor " what is wrong?"
me " I am having trouble walking normally because my toe hurts"
Doctor" where does it hurt?"
me " right here where my broke my toe before"
Doctor..pressing as hard as he possibly can exactly where I said it cringing in pain..."here?"
me..jumping out of my seat at one point and scaring the nurse "yes that really hurts"
yada yada yada and I ended up with a German prescription, physical therapy and a promise of surgery in about 6 weeks..yeah we will see about that mister!! hmmmpffffffff...dang docs like to cause pain I swear!!

Tuesday was filled with baking, errands, and some minor haeavy duty since I was lazy last week cleaning in between running kids to activities and attempting to make a dinner for the family.

Wednesday started out with canceling the gym to get a jump on baking and once the girls were at school I was baking for 2 hours. Once that was done I was off to deliver all my baked goods, hunt down managers to beg for donations for an upcoming PTSA event and meet up with some friends for a chat. By the time the girls were out of school I have dinner to do and some light cleaning to tend to again.
Yes I have been busy but it is not exciting really just general life and all that there is to do with being a mom, wife and homemaker!

With everything we have had going on today is the advanced shopping for the bazaar....YEEEEHAAAAWWWWW!!! OMG I love bazaars and the fact that I get to do advanced shopping is sooooooooooooo exciting!! Hopefully I find a lot of cool stuff but not too much since Mr. M gets a little antsy when I say "I am bringing the credit card"  I never use it unless I know it is going to be a lot I want..teehee!! It's just a precaution but boy does he squirm. :)

I told you I would catch back up...I mean come on I can't miss out on my post it notes!! I loves my post it notes!!

Now here is something that not only made me smile but reminded me to get my arse back on my blog and get going already...Thanks to Amanda for getting my tushy in gear!!!

You see Amanda has been doing this Around the world Saturday thing and I thought it was a fabulous idea and a wonderful way to get to know some people around the world and see what is going on with them and their blogs so I did it.  I have had a great time doing it and was happy to read some extremely inspirational blogs. Seriously you all need to check it out and see some really incredible ladies who are out there. In the process of doing this with Amanda I was featured on her blog!!!  How fabulous is that?!! Man you all really know how to make a person feel special...awwwww shucks!!!  I am totally blushing now and very greatful to Amanda for getting my blog out there more for me. You will notice a new button on the right of my blog and that is so all of you can go and get in on some Saturday fun with Amanda and all the other fabulous ladies she has on her around the world Saturdays.

Ok I have a lot more going on today and will do my best to keep you all updated...especially on what all I get from the bazaar..eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkk I am soooo excited to shop shop shop!!!

Have a great day everyone!!


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