Friday, December 17, 2010

5 Question Friday!!

Ok so again it has been a really REALLY long week!!  So much going on and even with a few minor glitches and a few personal losses we made it through once again.  I have been fighting off a head cold all week and I think I finally found the right mix of meds to help me make it through the day until I actually have the time to rest and get well.  I am so excited that today is the last day of school for a few weeks...have I mentioned how I really need to rest and try and get rid of this cold?!!  I am miserable..I hate being sick!!  Thank goodness for Robitussin and you both!! :)

1. Do you regift...and if so, do you have a regifting horror story?
Ummmm NO!  Maybe I sound horrible but I think that is just horrible. I have received my share of gifts that just didn't fit but I made them work some how. If they are bath products(which I happen to receive a lot of for some I stink?!) anywho..I will bring them out when guests come to visit and put them in their room for their own personal use.
I just think that everyone should be gracious and grateful for anything you receive. After all isn't it the thought that counts?!?!?!?!??!

2. Do you know what you are getting for Christmas this year?
Ummm well actually yes 1 thing I know I am getting. Every year since I met Mr. M we have this little thing we like to call...or better I like to call...get real!!  I tell him to get real because he is  never going to be able to surprise me and in return I tell him exactly what I want and I get it!  I have given up on surprises and I am ok with that since..well...who could be mad at getting exactly what they want right?!!

3. Who brings the most gifts in your family, you or Santa?
Well we have had so many changes to what we receive over the years from family. Since we are never close to home most people just send us money and tell us to buy whatever the girls or we want. All I do is buy exactly what I was planning on buying anyway and then split them up between whomever sent money, us and Santa. Santa usually gets the credit for the biggest gifts though.

4. What store do you love to by jeans from?
I have never been a huge fan of jeans but it might have something to do with the fact that since my youngest was born and I had some stomach issues I can not wear anything tight around my waist or I have sever pains. I do have a few pairs of jeans that I love and love wearing them but they are really stretchy so not too tight on my waist. I do love that jeans pretty much go with anything I just wish it were easier for me to find stretchy jeans like these.

5. Christmas meal: Big, All Out Meal or Snacks and Apps?
We always do our big meal on Christmas Eve. I like to sit around and enjoy Christmas with my family and not be stuck in a kitchen cooking all day. We always do Ham for dinner and then so we don't have much cooking to do on Christmas day I buy some croissants and we do ham sandwiches on croissants for Christmas day. This year we are supposed to be going to a friends for Christmas day meal and I am not sure yet what I am bringing so I will have to let you know if we do big meal or not.

Ok I hope that everyone has a great weekend and I will be back next week hopefully rested, not sick and a little less stressed!!


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