Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's getting closer and I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok so majority of the time I am on here blogging I can find some really great online deals and end up usually getting everything I need and maybe a few things I just want for my family for any occasion.  This year is a TOTAL exception!!!!  I am at a LOSS!!!!  I have no idea what to get Mr. M and even all the websites that I have found to buy things for the people impossible to buy for....NOTHING!!  One of my biggest struggles is being overseas so buying him tickets to his favorite game is out of the question unless I plan to add on a $1000 plane ticket to get him there plus hotel, rental car, etc.....NOT an option right now.

I am calling out to all you bloggy savy people out there and asking for some serious help!!  Please, please, please if you have any ideas to help me I would greatly appreciate it!  Of course I have the usual ideas of getting him some new shirts and a few sweaters but that is it.  Normally I can get ideas from him saying things but this year he is a blank slate. It's amazing that after 16 years of marriage I have finally reached that point where I am clueless on what to get my own husband...Ughhhhhhh!!!!

Ok so before anyone asks here he is in a nutshell:
1. his only real hobby is golf and he has new clubs and every golf accessory he could ever want and then some.
2. Over the past year we have bought him: new computer, new mp3 player, new boots, new watch.
3. All his travelling wishes have been fulfilled except for going to London and a cruise which we are doing both this upcoming year.

Ok so now you see my delima?!!!  Please someone help me!!!!  Any suggestions would be fantastic. Just remember we are overseas so again a plane ticket to the states is just not an option right now.



Maranda said...

The only thing I can think of is a golf themed page-a-day calendar. Sorry.

The Hubble is tough to shop for too. I made him make a wishlist on so I knew exactly what he wanted. I can't go wrong right?? We'll see.

Maranda said...

PS. Good luck!!!

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