Wednesday, December 29, 2010

To poof or not to poof that is the question!!

Ok so I am totally going to take you all on a trip with me...don't get too excited it's an "I am so crazy over which dress to buy trip" and I am just at a stand still right now.  So I am going to show you the 2 dresses that I have fallen in love with for an upcoming formal gala and I for the life of me can NOT decide. So if you are ready then seriously look at both dresses and let me know which one you love more and also would you wear the poof underneath or just go with the dress?!

Ready and here we go.....

the front of the black dress

back of the black dress

front of the navy dress

and finally back of the navy dress.

Now I love both of these dresses and have looked at several other options but I just can not stop coming back to these 2 dresses so I finally said to myself "forget whatever is making you think these are not the correct dresses for you and just go for it" So here I am and I really need your help! I value your opinions and would love to know which of these you think is the better dress.

Thank you so much for your help!!


The Undomestic Army Wife said...

I love the black one!

Queenie Jeannie said...

First of all, let me just say that I ADORE BOTH!!! And whatever you decide, I vote to definitely poof!!!

I love black and navy, so this is tough for me. I'm very much a bling-y person, and the navy has more of it. But the black, by it's color, is more formal.

I'm going to have to go with black because the draping is just exceptional and oh so chic!!

Whatever you decide, we demand pictures!!!!!

Mom in High Heels said...

Ooooh! They're both pretty! I love the black one, but I love the blue one too! I must know where you found them. And I must see photos of whichever you picked.

Amanda said...

I vote the black one and i vote poofy!!! it's GORGEOUS!!!

trooppetrie said...

First can I say can we trade bodies. second i would say black. I can not wait to see pictures, where did you find them

H.C.Chapman said...

Hey, where did you find the black dress? I love it! :D

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