Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Eve in France and all that good stuff!!

So not only did we end up having a last minute decision to spend New Years Eve in Strasborg, France but they still had a Christmas market going on and so it was double fun fun fun!!

We went bowling with a group of friends Thursday night and I said something about wanting to go to Strasborg, France which ended up being a group of people saying they all wanted to go too and next thing I knew we were making plans to meet at 10am and take off for a fun filled day in France..woohooo!!

We got there and it was cold, snowy and very busy but I didn't care and we had the best time ever. After parking in a parking garage and asking directions with my ohhhh so poor French and getting on 2 wrong shuttle buses and almost getting on the wrong tram we made it to the Christmas market. There were actually 2 parts to the market and we had a very long very cold walk all the way there fabulous time exploring the town trying to find the cathedral and the second half of the market.

 this little french guy greeted us at the river..
 ok ok this is sooo funny..NOT...we walked all the way around the city looking for the cathedral right and if you notice this sign it says cathedrale and St Nicolas parking garage...WHERE WE PARKED!! Ughhhhh!!  I never claimed to be the best navigator in the world..LOL!
 ok so how cute are the present windows?!! Love them!
 Oh the smells, the lovely, lovely smells of hot cocoa, gluhwein, gingerbread, and crepes!! Yummmm!!!
 Of course there is always a merry go round and of course DD2 always has to ride it. Can you see her excitement!!?? Did I mention it was really really cold?!
 What else can I say but....GORGEOUS!!
Ok so one day...seriously..I wil have a huge house to decorate just like this!!  For reals!!

It was a wonderful trip and the best New Years Eve I have definitely ever had!!

Happy New Year everyone!!


Queenie Jeannie said...

How fun is that??? I'm jealous, lol! I have a terrible toothache - last wisdom tooth in my head is KILLING ME! - and I've just been laying low.

Mom in High Heels said...

We're going to Strasbourg next week. I did LOL when you said you walked around looking for the cathedral. That's the only landmark I know, so I know how to get there and have to base everything else I do off it. Great photos.

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