Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Great finds, Total misses and the kindness of strangers..

Ok so I am not really sure where my days have gone lately. I know I promised you all a ton of stuff for this weekend and all be doggonit if I didn't flub that up!!  I am so done with saying sorry but I will say this to you lately is Fabulous!!!!!  We have been busy and busy and oh so busy and I am loving every minute of it.

We have our plans set for next month going to Amsterdam and I have no idea how we are going to fit everything in just a few days but I don't care because we are going and will just have to make it work!! Sooooo excited to go there!!

I am finishing up our plans for Berlin and should hopefully have all of that set up by the end of next month. Hotel reserved and maps in hand but I still need to get a few passes and a few more pages printed out of what all we are doing and then set up the agenda for us. Yes I am one of those people who needs a plan when I travel. When I don't have a plan we end New Years Eve..lost and Mr. M hates to get lost!!  So it takes me a while to plan out our trips and make sure all of our ducks are in a row.

Now our weather lately has been coockoo crazy!!  One day it's nice and then BAM it will just start sleeting or snowing or raining out of nowhere.  I really can't stand the weather here sometimes, but I have to make it work since I only have a little over  a year left here and so much more to get done and see.
Mrs. Jamaicagirl and I have been thrift shopping and trying to find as many different places as we can so as to expand our collection of lovely artifacts from Europe (junk as Mr. M calls it).  Yesterday we drove all over town and ended up only going in 1 place but that was a great find!!  I ended up getting a fabulous picnic basket and get this ya'll...the tag was still on it!!! Oh yeah this puppy was brand new and it was screaming my name!!
 How flippin' cute is that right?!!?!!
Ok kind of a bad pic but I am no pro ya'll so that is the best I could get.  If you notice there are 2 slots for wine bottles and a big place to put your plates and flatware as well as a zippered, insulated compartment on the left to put your cheese, meat, crackers and yum yums!!  For real ya'll we are having a picnic one day soon just so I can use this bad boy!! Yipeee!!!

So along with the basket I ended up finding this fabulous shelf for DD2. I had been looking at one from IKEA that I really loved and thought would work great for her but this one was bigger then the one at IKEA and a whole lot cheaper..
 Cute right?!
 As you can see DD2 has started to try and organize it herself! lol  I will actually get it all put together but I need to get her a few baskets first.
I did love how she made the bottom right cube a bed for her cat though!! Isn't she the sweetest thing ever?!  I can totally see her cat sleeping in there too or maybe be shoved in there by DD2 and just staying to save herself from being shoved in there twice! Haha!

So you see I have not been blogging because I really do have a lot going on and a ton more shopping and planning to do. 
I do want to say though that shelf is huge and HEAVY!!  We got it home and Mr. M decided that he was going to move it right then without me being able to ask anyone to help us. He is stubborn like that!! I am sure you all have men who are the exact same wanna slap em don't ya?!!  Ok maybe that's just me!  Anywho as as Mr. M, myself and Mrs. Jamaicagirl are trying our hardest to manipulate this monstrous shelf up 2 steps on our own we lost it!  Somehow the shelf had come down and right on my hand and I felt the vein pop as it did!! Can you say OWWWWWW???!!!!  OMG it hurt so bad!!!  So apparently as I am screaming in pain and Mrs. Jamaica girl dropped the shelf to see what happened and Mr. M is grunting trying to hold it up on his own around the corner hero!!  Some random man who heard me scream in pain and came running to see us trying to get this thing up the stairs. Now not only did he say "are you alright?" but he then asked myself and Mrs. Jamaicagirl to step aside and he would help us.  For real ya'll!!!!  I have always loved that some people are just kind enough to make you feel like the world is good and this man should win an award!!  He says to Mr. M "just tell me this isn't going to the 3rd floor?" To which Mr. M just smiles and says" Uhhhhh yupp!"  Now the hero could have quit right then and said ok nevermind but no he said "ok well let's get this going then" HERO!!!!!  You know it only take one person to make your day feel great and that man made me realize that all is good in the world and there are some people who would stop everything they were doing just to help out another person. When we got the shelf upstairs and I asked the man "please can you let me know how I can thank you?" He said to me, pointing to Mr.M,"he is doing us all a service by serving his country and that was the least I could do for him"  Ok yes I wanted to cry and I just shook the man's hand and thanked him repeatedly on his way out the door.

Ok so now that you are all done laughing at my  nonsense, boo boos and hope stories I had promised you all some pictures of my Christmas presents a long time ago.  Here are the infamous Coach shoes and my lovely new watch from Mr. M..

 Gorgeous right?!!  Heck yeah I am going to take dang good care of these puppies because I love them!! 
I am so glad to finally have a watch on again!! I missed not having a watch and was always looking at my wrist with lost eyes...according to Mr. M anyways!  It is very shiny and Mr. M explained to me that it is a new watch that does not ever need a battery!! Oh yeah he learned his lesson from breaking my old watch.  Hmmm did I ever tell you that story?! Let's just say this...I had a beautiful watch that Mr. M bought me for Christmas one year and the battery had died on it. Well apparently Aafes does not have the proper tool needed to take the back off of these kinds of watches and so Mr. M forced it open and I bought a new batter and then couldn't get the back on again. So Mr. M does what he always does..doesn't listen to me!!  I said do not bang on the back you will break the front of the watch..he banged on it!!  I said do not try to bang it on on the marble table top it will really break the front...he banged on it on the marble table!! Needless to say I ended up with a very expensive watch with a dented back that still wasn't on and a broken face.  Yes men love to feel all manly like they can do anything but in the end we spent more money on a new watch just because he didn't listen to me..hmmm!!

Ok so have a fabulous day everyone and I will see you back here soon!!


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