Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's Saturday...what?!!?!!?!!?

Ok ok I know I never ever post on a Saturday because...well...usually I am not at home and we are out on some great adventure or something, but today you all are so lucky because I am at home and so you get to listen to me. Stop! Stop! No applause now and listen up. 

So I have been trying to keep busy with Mr. M gone and it has all come down to this...a sick kid, a messy house, and only a day left until he actually gets here. GREAT!!!  I am so lucky let me tell ya!  I know you all are probably thinking..what is her problem? right?! Well I will tell you what my problem is...nothing just been feeling a little lazy lately. Maybe because with so much on our plates right now and Mr. M gone it has all just kind of seemed surreal. Of all the times I wished I had something to do instead of being stuck at home it seems that the past 2 weeks have flown by and yet I have not been idle in my house even once. My poor house looks like a tornado went through it...oh did I forget to mention for some crazy reason I decided to start my Spring cleaning and pack up a bunch of knick knacks and try to declutter this place?!!?  Oh yeah just picture newspaper and boxes all over the place, a china hutch half filled now, and junk(I do mean my prized posessions but for now we will stick with junk) all over my house!!
I have less then 24 hours to get this house back in shape and get everything done or else Mr. M is going to come home and wonder how I ever live without him and we just can't have that now can we ladies?!!  HECK NAAAHHHH!!   So today I will be cleaning and organizing and finishing as much as I can before tomorrow morning. Ughhhhhh!!

Oh oh did I happen to mention how I woke up this morning all ready to get started on this house and discovered I had no creamer?!!  I am sure you all know I am a coffee addict and now add to it that I have no creamer so I am drinking coffee with milk....yyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!  I will have to be going out to get some creamer today too. OOhhhhh god that reminds me I have fish in the freezer and the fridge and that has to be gone before Mr. M comes home(he is severely allergic)!! Hmmmm so I am thinking shrimp for lunch, salmon for dinner and then a total house scrub down to get rid of any fish oils lingering around the house. 
Wooooooaaahhhhh I am so glad I remembered that now or that could have been a huge issue.

Ok so I am off to clean, cook and organize and I will be sure to update you all on our comings and goings over the rest of the holiday weekend when I return. Oh for any of you wondering our plans for travel this year so far are going very well and I am anxiously awaiting Spring break this year. Berlin with the family and Paris with the girls!!!  Oh yeah I think this year is going to be grand!!

Ciao for now!


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