Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ahhaaaah moments, bloggiversary and a giveaway..

Ok so I totally stole the ahhhhaaah moment thing from Oprah..sorry Oprah but I didn't think you would mind! I mean we are both the coolest chics out there so why would you right?!?!  Ok ok so anywho as I was sitting here just now trying to think of what fabulous things to share with you all for today I suddenly looked at the date and realized that yesterday was my 1 year boggiversary!!! OMG can you believe I totally forgot it?!?!?!   Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!

I can not believe that I have been doing this now for a year and yet as strong as I had started out with my blogging and I am sure at first boring most of you to death..probably the reason my followers go up and down constantly...I am still blogging, and you all are still here listening....God bless you all!!!    I think my most favorite part about blogging is being able to connect with people all over the world and especially to learn from other military wives about where they have been or currently live and what adventures they have managed to make while there.

I really should do like a giveaway or something I mean that would only be appropriate right?!!?? Hmmm maybe I could pick something up on our travels next weekend..oh oh ok now the ideas are totally flowing.  Don't get too excited too fast though because I still need to figure out what to do.  Ok so I know you all are so super duper smart that you probably have ideas coming out your ears right?!  Because you are so cool you would love to share them with me right?!  Ok so please leave any ideas in a comment below and help a girl out..would ya?!!! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!!!!

Oh and thank you thank you thank you all for still bearing with me over the past year! It's been fun and real and totally worth it!!


Kasey said...

Happy Anniversary!

Shana said...

So exciting! How about something small that shows where you are. We are near the beach so something beachy for us.... CONGRATS!

Mom in High Heels said...

Happy Blogiversary!!!!

Maranda said...

Awww! Happy blogiversary!!!

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