Monday, February 28, 2011

Murphy has arrived at our house....

So since we got back from our weekend trip I have been noticing some things about my truck that just aren't right. The brakes sound like they are grinding but no biggee I can just take it to a shop right?!?! Oh yeah I am in Germany and I am driving a Chevy so that is more of a chore then I even realized!!  So I had resigned myself to calling the few shops that were reccomended to me and so far still had no idea how much this was going to cost us. Again I wasn't worried and was just hoping it wouldn't take too much to get done.

Well yesterday Murphy stepped in and kicked us in the behind!!!  I woke up and started getting the house clean and laundry done. As I went to put the first load of laundery into the dryer the door won't close....lovely!!!  That means I will have to sit at home all freaking day waiting on some worker to decide when they are going to come fix that. After figuring out how to jam the door so I could atleast finish the laundry I go to the bathroom to start cleaning. After scrubbing the toilet I go to push the button to flush(in Germany our toilets have push buttons to flush instead of a handle) and the button falls off....WTF?!??!!!  Ok so all I am thinking is  "well atleast I won't be sitting at home for just one thing now". So I then make my way to the kitchen to do dishes and guess what...yupp Murphy had been in there too. The flipping dishwasher keeps shutting off and I have to reset it 4 times to get it to finish one stinking load!!!  Can Murphy please give me a break?!?! Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!

So I have now calmed down and reserved myself that I will call the work order in first thing in the morning and just be done with it.  So I go into the kitchen and start making a dip that I am supposed to take to this babyshower I am going to around 3pm.  As I am finishing up the dip Mr. M comes to tell me he is taking off to get some work done that he needs to do by Monday morning. No big deal. So I finish the dip, grab the present, tell the girls all the rules of what to do when we are not home and head out. I get down to my truck only to have it NOT START!!!  Oh yeah as if my day hadn't already sucked now Murphy has taken his stinkin' little behind all the way to my truck... Aaaarrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  So I try to call Mr. M to see whre he is at. As I am sitting in my truck and dialing his cell phone I suddenly hear a phone ringing...OMG Mr. M had apparently left his cell in my truck from Saturday...ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!!  Seriously can anything else go wrong now?!!?  So I come back up stairs and stick the dip in the fridge and wait. I had already texted the woman holding the shower to let her know I wouldn't be coming any time soon since my truck wouldn't start. About an hour and a half later Mr. M calls and says " hey I just stopped by the shower to check on you and you are not there why?"  Now everything in my head told me "don't yell because he has no idea what your day has entailed" so I said very calmly.."my truck won't start and so I can't go" so he says "fine I am coming home to help you".  I am thinking great now maybe we can jump the truck or whatever. He comes home with an attitude..apparently his day hadn't gone so well yet as he begins barking at me I simply say "Babe I have had the worst day so far and you are yelling at me for no reason"  Mr. M is usually pretty good at telling when he better just shut up and listen so he puts his head down and says"ok tell me" so I proceed to tell him all about my day.

After all of that we go downstairs to try and find our jumper cables that I swear are in his car and he swears are not...I was right btw!!  As he takes the bazillion things out of his truck and finally finds the jumper cables I try to start the truck. It sounds like a 1957 car with it's sputter and cough and then finally starts..yayyyyy I was sooo happy!!  Of course Mr. M is just smiling as I walk over to tell him "thank goodness it started" He jsut laughs and says " Yeah it sure did"  I smile and say "don't start with me mister" and we both finish cleaning his trunk out and put the jumper cables in the truck just in case.

So now not only do I have to find a shop to get my truck fixed and hope to god that they do not charge me an arm and a leg to do it..which they totally could be we are in a foreign country driving an American vehicle so they pretty much know we are at their total mercy and can charge us whatever they dang well please..and all of this has to be done while still doing all the things that normally go on in my week plus a class I am to take today and volunteering at a school this week as well... Yaaayy for me!! NOT!!!!

So I do wish that you all have a fabulous week and that you feel good knowing that Murphy is at my house so he is too busy to visit yours!! lol


Jessica said...

wow! murphy was not kind to you at all!
Hope things are getting better. =)

Maranda said...

But wait!!! Murphy has been here for the last month! He won't leave my car alone! I really need to write my own little rant post about my freaking car...

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