Monday, February 7, 2011

You might be a bad friend if...

.Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems to go wrong?!  Well we had one of those weekends!  There were so many wonderful things on our list to do this weekend and we plans out the whazoo and yet it all seemed to come tumbling down and ended up so horribly wrong.

Friday DD2 was out of school for parent/teacher conferences and once we went to her conference and heard all the wonderful things she was doing and how well she was doing then we headed back home. The plan was to gather our shopping bags and head out to do a few errands and then spend a nice time together just her and I having lunch and talking about everything a 6 yr old thinks is important..ya know toys, animals and birthdays. As soon as we started home though she started complaining that her head hurt. So we get home and I get her something to eat so that I can give her something for her head but as soon as she is done eating she heads to her room and crashes. Yupp  our fun filled day of just her and I turned into me getting absolutely nothing accomplished and her sleeping all day. Ughhhh.
That night Mr. M and I had plans to go to a dinner and auction and DD2 was feeling fine after sleeping for 12 hours so we went ahead and went. It was a really good time and we sat with some great people and laughed the entire night. We didn't win a single thing...blasted!!  We still had fun though and so we headed home with smiles plastered on our faces.
Saturday morning came and after Mr. M made breakfast...that is his job if you didn't know...we were to be going bowling with some friends. Well that was about the time our phones started ringing off the hook.  If it wasn't Mr. M's work then it was family back in the States filling us in on some situations that were not so good. No offense but I am choosing to not go into any of that right now...well..because it is too raw right now and I have no idea how this is all going to turn out. So please excuse my illusiveness!!
Later that day I went to the commissary to get the rest of the supplies I needed to make a few dishes for that night because Mr. M and I were supposed to be going to a friendly get together with some good friends. While at the store we ran into another friend who once again decided to throw some news on us and this day was beginning to really get on my nerves. By the time we got home with all the food our moods were in the dumps! Neither of us felt like going out or dealing with anyone. We unplugged the phones because honestly we couldn't take anymore whining or complaining and so yes we did what we are not supposed to do...unplugged our lives!! Ha on all of you who have never done it!! It rocks!
So we chilled out Saturday night and watched some movies, played games with our girls and just took a breather from life. We went to bed feeling a little better then we had been feeling all day.
Sunday morning I woke up to a nice little message on facebook telling me about how disappointed someone was with our not having come to the get together and not having called to say we weren't coming. Really?!?!  If only they knew how crappy our weekend had turned out so far and how much stuff we had thrown in our faces all within a few hours of our lives but NOOOOOOO  they didn't even bother to ask they just went on to tell us how "disappointed they were in us" !  All I have to say to that is...."WTF EVER"!!!!
Of course that is like the worst way to wake up! By someone telling you that they are disappointed in you and besides the fact that your life has many other facets and things going on that they couldn't even imagine what all you had been through...heaven forbid!!!  Needless to say as the person I am I tried to let it go. Left her a vague comment and let it go.

I am NOT that person that loves drama therefor I will not drag it out or let it happen to me if I can at all help it!  I have not spoken to this person since and if I do speak with them it won't be anything negative on my part atleast because that is me...I have no problems letting stuff roll off my back and just be done with it! Life is waaaaay too short to bother even worrying about nonsense.
Because of everything else going on though I did also forget about going to the coffee shop to spend my friends last day of work with her...I do feel horrible about that but will send her a message just letting her know it was a bad weekend and how sorry I am.  Had I felt the need to appologize to anyone this weekend it would be her..the one who invited me and was probably waiting on me and whom didn't send me any nasty messages on facebook or even bother to ask where I was. She is just like me and probably just assumed that something came up..of course it was just the bad weekend making my brain disfunctional so I completely forgot!!

So there you have my wonderful friggin weekend!  I will say this to all of you out there..if someone is supposed to be somewhere and they don't show up do yourself and them a favor....give them a chance to explain before you go telling them how disappointed you are in them or lashing out without thinking!!!  Just sayin'!!!


Maranda said...

I'm so sorry people keep dumping crap on you! I can't imagine any of my friends EVER telling me they were disappointed in me for not attending a function. Wow. The nerve of some people huh?? I hope you have a better weekend this weekend!

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