Thursday, February 3, 2011

Travel planning, travel agents, disappointment, and help needed!!!

Ok so I have been working so hard to not only plan our travel dates but then getting all the info, maps and preperations done as well.  I had been doing very well as far as finding some great hotels for fabulous prices until I got to the cruise part. You see we want to take a cruise for a few reasons. We thought it would be a great experience for the girls and something we had never done but also it would be an easy way to see some of the places we want to see but know we will never just go there on our own or else it would be very costly so the cruise would actually be cheaper. The problems just keep coming though!! Grrrrrr!  First all the different countries and their situations that are making a lot of our wants unable to come true so we have changed cruise plans so many times it wasn't even funny. Then as I go through the travel agency that was reccomended to me from a dear friend who has been on tons of cruises and swore this was the best one out there was so incredibley overprices it wasn't even funny.
I thought we had figured it all out and were just going to have a Greek Island cruise and be happy with that until the very nice man emailed me back asking for half of our vacation money for the entire year for just one vacay!!!  Ughhhhhhh!!  I am not going to spend half of our yearly travel budget on just one vacay!!! Are you crazy?!?!??!!!!!   Soooooo alas I am back to the start trying to figure out what to do next with our travel plans for the rest of the time.

Of course Mr. M said "We will just do London then and it's not a big deal"  Well, let me tell you honey about all the warnings going on about traveling to and from London or even Americans living in London so yes, yes it IS a big deal!!!  For pity sakes ya'll can't the world just get a long just long enough for us to have our travels and fun and then they can do whatever they feel they need to?!?! Is that too much to ask?!?!?!


So other then Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Poland and Berlin I am stuck!!!!

If anyone knows of a really good travel agent I would deeply appreciate you sharing the information with me!!!! I am lost and stuck and really need something to just go right for once and soon.


Mom in High Heels said...

I feel you! I'm guessing the Disney cruise will not be stopping in Tunisia this year (bummer) and we were planning to go to Egypt in Sept. All this revolting is really putting a damper on my travel plans. Sigh.
You could always go to Italy. You can drive there and stay at Camp Darby. I hear it's fab and not far from loads of stuff. Talk to Ana about it. She knows Italy.
There's also Austria, Switzerland and southern France. I'm DYING to go to Provence during lavender season.

Maranda said...

Oh only!!! I wish I was in your shoes! LOL! Sorry about the annoyance! I hope you get everything figured out!

Zee said...

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Queenie Jeannie said...

How is your local MWR?? Ours is really fabulous and they have the most incredible deals sometimes! My purse trip was one of them and it was very well run.

Good luck and travel safely. It seems the world is tearing itself apart these days!!!

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