Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fasching fun and fabulous people!

So yesterday was the Fasching parade in our city so I got together a group of friends and we all went together. We took the streetcar downtown and walked around to find the perfect spot to stand. We ended up finding a great place where there were no barriers. At first I was a little worried the kids all up front and no barriers but it ended up being a great place because we were actually able to interact with the people in the parade.

The parade began and the Polezei were walking around telling people to stay back. One man came over to us and told us to be sure to say Hallo when they came by so they would give us stuff. Huh?! Ok we will do it.  As  the parade went on and people came by we all were screaming and waving "hallo" over and over again. It was the coolest thing to see the people in floats and walking even throwing candy, toys and stickers at the kids.  Ocassionally we got hit in the head with some candy but it was all good. As soon as you realized you had just been hit in the face with a piece of candy by the time you went to bend down and pick it up it was gone!! Oh yeah these kids did not take any chances with candy. If it hit the ground it was fair game whether or not it had hit you didn't matter.  Hilarious!!

Now there were also guys who ran around throwing confetti at you. When I say at you what I mean is..some would throw it in your general area and others would walk up to you and smash it into your hair or shove a gigantic handfull down your shirt.  It sounds kind of freaky but seriously it was a total blast!!  We went home with confetti all over us, in our clothes, in our hair and now all over my house..haha love it!!

Some of the floats were even handing out booze to the adults. One man told us we had to dance to get some good booze. So what did we do..well duhhh we danced our little tushies off!!!!  Sooo much fun!!

These guys were hilarious!! They talked and sang and we took pics with them and they gave us some goodies.  I loved all their costumes.

Ah hahhhhh!!!  We caught this witch standing behind us..gotcha!! They were sneaking behind people and then grabbing them and putting them in a jail float at the end of the parade.  Not us though we were wise to this and kept our eyes peeled. Fabulous costumes though right?!?!

Here is the jail float. Once the end of the parade was near they started letting the people out of jail. There was a man in the jail screaming like he was being tortured and it was funny because one of the kids we were with said "Do you think he is drunk?" Haha  kids are precious aren't they...yikes!!  We just told him "well you know this is Europe and they really enjoy their drinks here so who knows" Good answer? I dunno but it worked for the moment.

These guys were hilarious. A bunch of men dressed up as woman with suits that made them look like they had huge guts hanging out of their booty shorts, a thong showing and even a tramp stamp.  We sang, we danced, we yelled, we laughed and basically we had the best time!  It was so worth going and I think we will be going back next year too.

Did any of you go to a Fasching parade or maybe Mardi Gras this year?!  I definitely would like to hit a Mardis gras now to see how different it is.  Next year we are also talking about going to Karneval in Venice as well.  Good times!!


smiley_netta said...

Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY go to Carnivale in Venice!!!!!!!!!!!!! I went last year, and it was worth EVERY SECOND! I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

I didn't go to any Fasching parades this year, as our town is too small to even have one, lol, but I fully intend to make at least one Fasching festival next year. :) Love the pictures!

Mom in High Heels said...

You made it! Yay! It is fun, isn't it??? Looks like you guys had a blast, but really, it's hard not to at Fasching!

Aster said...

The people were yelling "Helau!", not "Hallo".

"Helau" is what Germans refer to as a "Narrenruf" (literally "the cry of the fool"). There are countless others, with many smaller towns having introduced their own, but "Helau" and "Alaaf" seem to be the two big ones and are recognized throughout Germany.

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