Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Post it note Tuesday: The dog!!

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The dog is sweet and so loving and I know it is not her fault..when you gotta go you gotta go and so I do not in any way blame the dog!! Please don't write me a comment on how mean I am being seriously. I am just frustrated and not used to it and honestly worried about the dog's poop being liquid.  Any advice on how to help the dog or a way to make my house not smell like a dog lives here is sooooo welcome right now!!   Before anyone says anything....1. the dog is eating the food the owners gave us ONLY! 2. the dog is fed once in the morning and once in the evening like the owners told us  3.  the dog is not acting like she is sick or doesn't feel well.  Ok so now any advice or help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks and have a fabulous day!!!


Dana K said...

Pumpkin - plain canned NOT pumpkin pie - can help firm up the poop (it can also help with constipation - it's a miracle food lol). My guess is that a lot of this is nerves, but it would be a good idea to get the pup to a vet just to make sure.

If you are/can be home all day, get in a routine of taking the dog out for poop/pee walks every couple of hours. Basically, treat her like a puppy you are having to house train. She's in a new environment, so she needs a reminder about potty training. It shouldn't take long if it's just a new home nerves issue.

(I was a dog intake manager for a rescue a few years ago)

LeadingMama said...

I think she's nervous, too. Sorry I have no tips. I feel for you!

Di said...

Its been five years and our dog still has accidents in the house so you don't want my advice!

Go Mommy said...

Sorry i can't help but hang in there, maybe the dog is just nervous in the new enviornment, I hear dogs have that problem some times...
Could you imgae if that happened to people, " hi nice to meet you, I am little nervous, I am going to poop my pants right now"

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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