Monday, May 9, 2011

Military Monday blog hop and pics from Koln!!

Ok so we had a fun filled weekend and honestly I am ready for a nap right now. We woke up early Saturday morning and headed to Phantasialand. It was fabulous and we spent all day there!! We left there and drove to Koln where we checked into our hotel, asked for  a map and were out exporing the city and looking for a place to eat by 5:30pm.  We found the Hard rock cafe and ate dinner there. Then we just walked around the town snapping pictures and being amazed at all the beautiful things they have there. We finally returned to our hotel around 9pm and that was only because it started getting dark and DD2 does NOT like dark at all!!

The next morning we woke up and had a fabulous brunch at the hotel and checked out and headed out to explore more of the town. We saw the gorgeous Dom of Koln and many other beautiful things and then made our way to the schokoladen museum where we engorged ourselves in everything chocolate..MMMMmmmmmm!!! It was fabulous!! I even brought home some chocolate beer!!  Yupp it may not taste good but I had to have it anyway.

Here are some pics of our trip...
 this is Phantasialand..soo much fun!
 they had the cutest characters and DD2 just loved them..
 the coolest ride in my opinion..
this character was crazy huge!!!

and these are some pics of Koln...

 where we ate dinner...yummmmmyyy!
 we saw these guys riding a beer cool is that?!?!
 beautiful statue..I am going to have to look this one up..
 another church...I adore the architechture of European churches!
 this was some sculpture park.. again something I will have to look up to find out what it was..
 the bazillion steps leading up to the Dom..oyyyyy
 the was enormous and amazing and breathtaking!!

the side of the Dom from the bottom of the stairs on the other side..

and some pics of the chocolate museum..

 anyone want to go to chocolate school?!?!
 it was amazing to watch the machines making the chocolate...mmmmmmmm......

 at the end they let you try some...oh yeahhhhhh..
ok so I wanted this sooooo bad but Mr. M said no I couldn't hide it even if I tried to take it....sighhhhhhhhhh

So it was an amazing weekend and we had a fabulous time.  You definetly have to put Koln on your schedule for a trip if you are able to.  It is also Monday military blog hop so grab this button and head on over there to do your thing.....


Lady Rynn said...

That sounds like such a fun adventure! I'd love to go and do something like that. As soon as my dearest Hubby can pass his PT test he'll be going active duty vs reserves and I hope to have some adventures at that point. At the moment as a Momma with three under 3 I'm too poor for such adventures. ;) So, I have to live vicariously through others' adventures, like your fun weekend. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from military monday blog hop and I can't wait to hear more about your adventures!

SAHM and Marine Wife said...

Nice to "meet" you too! I also like Josh Groban! What an amazing voice he has!

Dallas said...

Doing some blog hopping! Great pics! GERMANY!!! Sooo cool! I'm going to munich in September eeeek soo excited!

Katy said...

fun trip! love the pictures. how cool for your kids to be stationed overseas! Thanks for stopping by the long and short of it! following you back!

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