Monday, May 2, 2011


So Mondays are my absolute worst day of the week. I try to keep them very slow because it takes me all day to get motivated to do pretty much anything.  Don't judge me you know you wanted to say it too!!

So this morning we started teacher appreciation week and so as I was delivering way more food then I ever would hope someone would bring to me on a bright sunny Monday morning it hit me!  I have beeen complaining about Mondays for so long that honestly I don't even know why I am complaining anymore.  I mean seriously it's not like I have a job to go to on Monday since I am a stay at home mom. I can usually plan my days any way I want unless there is a function or something I need to be at.  So why is it that I don't like Mondays?!?!  I have no idea!!!   Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Oh well this morning was a little ucky anyway. DD1 woke up saying her chest hurt and she was nauscious..that is what happens when you have severe allergies and yet still insist on sleeping with the fan directly on your face!!! I have told her a million times to stop doing that but of course she never listens.  So she tried to eat something and immediately ran the toilet. I know it is just the mucus that drained into her stomach all night but I sent her off to bed to relax and take the day off.  DD2 then wakes up telling me that her throat hurts...are you flippin' kiddin' me?!?!   I know she did not sleep with the fan on her face because I control HER fan and I even have a humidifier in her room to make sure her allergies don't get too awful.  So I feel her head and she is fine but refuses to eat breakfast so I end up telling her to go back to bed then.

As I am trying to figure out how I am going to get all of this food i have prepared to the 2 different schools along with teacher gifts and deal with 2 sick kids in comes DD2 saying she is better now.  OMG what are you trying to do to me?!! So I tell her she better eat her breakfast or she is not going to school today.  She shoves that muffin down her throat faster then I can say it!  Ok so maybe she realized what day it was today and she really wanted to give her teacher her gift..uhhhhh  huhhhhhhh got it!!!  So I rearrange everything I had set up and finish putting together the food and off I go to take DD2 to school.  We get there and give her teacher the gift and then off I go again to go get in my truck and go to the second school.  Stop by the office to tell them DD1 would not be in school today and go start helping set up the food in the teacher's lounge.

Now if you remember correctly I had received an award for volunteer of the year for the middle school last week. It was nice to be honored but really I don't like that stuff. I love volunteering and enjoy doing it but please just give the awards to someone else unless I can just come pick it up from your office when I have time. Going up on a stage to say thankyou and have someone else say thank you to me...NOT my cup of tea at all!!  So anywho...I remind you of that because it turns out there were not so many volunteers who brought things for the teachers.  I am so tired of people saying they will do stuff, show up, or bring things and not do it and think that is ok.  As I am walking out the door a little disgruntled and sad I am once again asked to please take the President's position on the board next year to which I reply " No thanks because I can not give that much time and I have had it with people who take positions just to have their name out there and yet do nothing to deserve any recognition"!!  Harsh?...Maybe! True?  Absolutely!!  I am done being the work horse for people who do not appreciate it and will take advantage of me because I simply am that type of person who can not sit idley by and watch nothing get done.  I will not!!!!!!

Ok ok I am done ranting but it needed to be said.  I will be volunteering my rear end off next year but it will be for something that I truly believe in and something that I think will be fun!  I love volunteering and will not give that up but I will not sit by any more and allow people to put their names on things that came from my sweat and tears!!  Ya'll have a lot of work to do from now on since this patsy is not going to help you out!!  BuBye!!!


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