Friday, April 29, 2011

5 Question Friday!!!

1. If you could buy any car, money not an option, what would it be?
I would absolutely buy a fully loaded Porsche SUV!!!  OMG I see them all the time and I am sooooooo jealous!!!  Me. Want. Porsche!!

2. What was your worst first date ever?
I had a guy ask me out in college and I really didn't want to go out with him but he was a nice guy and my friends kept telling me to give him a chance. So I told him I would go to dinner with him one night. He came to pick me up 30 minutes late. took me a cheap fast food restaurant and explained me to me through out the whole dinner how he didn't have a lot of money and no one ever said yes to a date with him until me. It was like a gigantic cheap pity party!!  I am all about giving people a chance but you better be out for a good time instead of just whining all night!! Sheeesh!!

3. How old were you when you fell in love for the first time?
That would depend on if you count puppy love.  The very first boy whom I SWORE I was in love with was in 2nd grade and I will never forget his name...swooon...he was soooo dreamy!!  After that I would have to say that until I met Mr. M I had never felt that gut feeling that I had met the one!!

4. When was the last time you reconciled your checkbook?
Ummm yesterday!!  Funny thing is I carry a check book and almost never use checks but I reconcile my checkbook every week so I am aware of what we are spending our money on. It really does help us keep from overspending due to not paying attention.

5. If you were going to fashion a "Wanted" Ad for a best friend, how would you word it?
Wanted:  Some one who can be there whenever needed, cry with me, laugh with me, know when to take the kids or grab a bottle of wine and come over.  Must be care free, fun loving, sensitive, tough, good with kids and have tons of material to gossip about!!

Ok so that is my Friday get to know me portion of the day. Now I have to prepare for the royal wedding as I am trying to figure out how to record it for my girls to watch when they get home.  Have a fabulously royal weekend everyone and see you all later!!!


We 2 Bees said...

That is a sad first date.
Oh, how could I forget the Porsche! Although I want the small sporty model, which is probably I why I didn't think that way it's not able to carry the fam.
Stopping by from Mama M.
Hope the recording worked out!

Anonymous said...

omg, sounds like a sympathy date for him. poor you, had to endure that for a couple of hours! :( being late is bad enough, but telling your date that you have no money for the first date sounds horrible! fortunately, i havent really had a worst date YET. lol.

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