Thursday, June 23, 2011

Greek cruise...part 2

Ok so  I left off yesterday where we finally got to the cruise and after a short bit of shaking and the girls crying because they were so relieved to finally be there we got checked in and headed to our room.  The first picture of our cruise is kind of funny in my opinion. Mr. M says it's just sad and he didn't like it but I just had to have it to chronicle the mess that it was getting there..

Don't we look scared out of our everloving minds and happy to finally be out of the truck so happy to be starting our cruise?!

So we left the port around 5:30pm and were at sea for the first day. We had tons of time to look around the ship and enjoy it and that is exactly what we did.

 We shopped!  Mainly because my genious self had bought DD2 a new swimsuit and didn't notice that her top was size 7 but the bottoms were size 14..ughhhhh!!
 We swam and swam and swam some more!! There were 2 pools and 4 hot tubs and tons of places to just sit and enjoy the sun.
 Looks like fun right?!
This is how it looked before all the sun bunnies got there!  So peaceful and beautiful.

 We ate buffet the first day. I can not say enough about freestyle dining on this was AMAZING!!
 The girls loved that they always had fresh fruit and hot dogs no matter what time of day it was.  Well, ok no hot dogs for breakfast but the rest of the day you could get hot dogs, hamburger, cole slaw and potatoe salad any time you wanted.  Oh and did I mention that there were soft serve ice cream bars on the pool level and you could get ice cream 24/7?!?!  Yummm!!!
We all enjoyed just hanging out on the deck as well and watching the gorgeous water go by.  

We did watch a show that night and it was fabulous!!  The girls thought it was so much fun that we changed clothes all day long to do!!!  We dressed for breakfast in casual and then went swimming and then changed for lunch and then dressed up for dinner and the show.  Let me just say that thank goodness they offer a laundry service on the ship because we packed light...whoopsie!!

I would say the best thing about our day at sea was just the relaxed atmosphere. We didn't have to worry about cooking or cleaning or our jobs at all.  I highly reccomend a cruise if you really want a relaxing and pampered vacation!!

Come back tomorrow for our first port in Corfu, Greece and all the exciting things we discovered there!!


Mom in High Heels said...

Our days at sea were some of my favorite because they were so relaxing. Can't wait to see more photos!

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