Saturday, June 25, 2011

Greek cruise...part 3

So my last blog was our full day out at sea sailing from Venice, Italy to Corfu, Greece.  It was so relaxing and so much fun but as soon as we saw land I could not contain myself!!  The whole reason we went to Greece was because it was DD1's choice. You see when we first found out we were going to Germany we asked both of our girls what their dream place to visit would be.  DD2 wanted to go to Paris which we did last year and DD1 wanted to see Greece and  we finally made it.  So watching her face was absolutely priceless!!

Corfu was gorgeous and everything I thought it would be..a total beautiful beachy shopping paradise!! :)

 Yayyy the first sight of land in over a day!!!
 A beautiful building and museum.
 Unfortunately there was a fence all around this or I would have insisted on a family photo here. How gorgeous is that?!?!
 Well duhhh...of course Mr. M once again sniffed out a McDonalds!!
 Can you say heaven?!?!  I am a total bag junky and Greece is a total paradise to me!!!  Muahuahuahuah!!
 They had a ton of cafes as well so you know when you get hungry from all the shopping and walking you can sit down and enjoy a latte, sandwich and of course some fabulous gelato!! Yummmmmmmmmyy!!
Simply gorgeous no?!?!  I truly adored Corfu and was so excited to move onto the next place.. goodbye Corfu and hope to see you again some day!!

So we spent all day on Corfu and bought so much fabulous stuff that Mr. M finally said "feed me or I am leaving you" and since you know he is the bag holder(he loves it!) we fed him and headed back to the ship to give everyone a rest.  Of course I have not yet taken photos of all the goodies we bought so that will have to be an after blog when I am all done with the cruise.

See you tomorrow for another day of our cruise!!


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