Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Greek cruise..part 5

We went to bed after leaving Santorini and Mr. M and myself won a little money in the casino..woohoooooo and woke up to already being docked in Mykonos.  It was funny to wake up to land right there and not look out at all water for once. As we walked around the deck of the ship trying to figure out where the town was that we would go to it seemed far away.  If I haven't told you yet then let me tell you now...Norwegian rocks!!!  As soon as we had breakfast and were ready to get off the ship and enjoy Mykonos we stepped off the ship to staff telling us to please take the free shuttle to the main town....yupp free shuttle!!!  So we boarded the bus and were taken to the main town.  It was gorgeous and there were small beaches all along the way there and in the town.  As much as I loved Santorini this place was just as exciting and there were so many more things to look at and we got some really great pictures.  Of course we did some shopping but mostly we enjoyed the city, especially little Venice, and just took our time walking around.
 The view we woke up to.
 Again the white buildings are just gorgeous and will always make me think of Greece anytime I see a white building.
 I just fell in love with Greek letters and am now looking for some place to get a family board made with our names in Greek letters...how cool would that be?!?!
 This was the first place we saw colors other then blue added to the white buildings. Isn't it pretty?! I really just want to climb up those stairs and stay forever!!
 Again with the blue but they painted the stair bannisters also and I just love it.
 We loved this!!  It was just a few windows with some tshirts in them that said hard rock Mykonos. We thought it was so funny because we try to hit every hard rock wherever we go.
 View of Little Venice!  It really does look like Venice, Italy doesn't it?!
 Another view of Little Venice with our ship docked on the left.
The girls were so happy to finally put their feet into some water on a beach.  We told them they could go in further and we brought extra clothes with us but they said it was kind of cold so that is as far as they wanted to go.

We had a really great time there and I can tell you that shopping on this island was the cheapest so far we had found.  I came home with so many great things from Greece but Mykonos was the place where we got ourselves some really pretty dresses and jewelry.  So if you go to Greece just remember to check Mykonos if you are interested in clothes or jewelry.
Once we were done and had to reboard in Mykonos we were sad to see it go.  We had a nice dinner, watched another show and the girls headed back to the room to play a game and Mr. M and I headed again to the casino to try our luck.  I actually got adventurous and played the 25 cent games...that is HUGE for me since I only usually play penny or nickle slots!!  We left ahead again though so all was good!!

One more stop in Greece and then back to Venice for us...come back tomorrow and see Katakoln and Olympia!!


Mom in High Heels said...

Again, gorgeous!!! I'd like to climb those red stairs too and stay. How did you manage to make it through all these islands without singing all the songs from Mama Mia? :) I'm singing them in my head as I look at the photos!
BTW, I've painted name signs in the past. I might be able to help you out there! Let me know!

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