Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Greek cruise..part 6

Once we left Mykonos we were headed to Katakolon. We were especially excited for this one because we were going to see Olympia.  Now Mr. M and DD1 are huuuuge fans of ruins...DD2 and I on the other hand like to see the ruins but then we are ready to move on.  So we were already packing entertainment in the backpack for us.  As we docked and were heading out to get on the bus we realized I had left the bag of entertainment......dang it!!! Oh well we will just have to listen to the guide and pretend we are fully interested..haha yeah tell my 7 yr old that!!!!  Let's just say we play a lot of "I spy" and "guess what kind of tree that is"  we were having a blast on our own.

 Ok this was a grave of a great olympian. Sorry I don't remember his name but I am sure it is in the book I decided to buy all about Olympia since I was so buys playing I spy and not paying full attention to the guide.
 This is the arch leading into the arena where the games were held.
 This big open space was the origional arena. It looks kind of small compared to now a days doesn't it?!

We tried to get a family pic but apparently no one near us spoke English and I wasn't about to hand off my camera to someone who may or may not have thought I was giving it to them!!

So after visiting Olympia we headed in town to do a little shopping and pick up some great stuff.  Then it was back on the ship for another great dinner, fabulous show and another chance for Mr. M and I to visit the casino...this time we lost almost all of our start up and quit early because...well  we are cheap!!! lol

Come back tomorrow for another full day at sea along with a chocoholic buffet with pictures!!!  Who can resist a chocolate buffet for reals?!?!??!!!!


Mom in High Heels said...

We're ALL about the ruins! We can't get enough of them! Indy wants to be an archaeologist though, so it's kind of a given. Great photos, yet again.
Aren't you glad you're not in Greece this week though????

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