Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The tire saga continues..dum dum dum dummmmm

Ok so for those of you who follow me on a pretty regular basis then you will remember my tire story. If not go back and read it..NOW!!!!  No really...go!!  

So for those who know it well let me continue with what happened today. As you will recall I was due to go and pick up the new tire today from the Exchange and then go back to the repair shop to have it put on. I was already worried that I was going to have to pay again to have it put on but figured it was worth it if it just worked and I could be done with this whole ordeal. Wowwww what I wrong!!!  As I took the tire up to the store the first thing the lady says to me is "your tire is not here yet". What do you mean not here..go get it?!?!!  Ok so then the manager comes out to look at the bad tire and immediately tells me "no this is not a bad tire it was damaged in mounting" Ummmmm ok what the heck does that mean?  As the manager starts to tell me I have to go back to the tire center and tell them they messed up the tire and that he will not give me a new tire because it is their issue I say very calmly "Please can you call them and tell them what you just said because the going back and forth is killing me"  He picks up the phone and speaks with a manager who then tells him to bring in the tire when I come back and they will see what they can do.  In the mean time he explains to me that I have to pay for yet another tire and then hope that I get my money back from them.  Ummm and again...say what?!?! 
So now not only have we moved into the worst customer service ever from anywhere in the entire world but now......I yupp that's right...I get to pay for another new tire, then pay to have that one mounted and then fight with the tire company and the government to get my money back.  Ok by now I am just laughing because really I want to scream and cry and I am just to frustrated to do either one.
I go over to the claims office to ask them what I have to do and their first response was "well what does the tire guys say?" Well the tire guy said it was a bad tire and the tire store said it was mounting that broke the tire so I have no idea what to say except that I am about to be out another $187 for nothing that I did wrong!!!
So now we go with the 15 pages of paperwork that I have to fill out and try to make a claim so that they can investigate it and see if they will give me my money back or if I have to fight the Exchange over my money....are you following this?!?!  Honestly I am a bit lost and all I know right now is that I still have a bad tire in the back of my truck taking up space and when the new tire finally gets here I will have to pay for it. Then take it over to the man whom they are accusing of ruining a tire and ask him to put it on. Seriously?!??! 
In my honest opinion  I like the tire guy. He has never been anything but nice to me and I do not believe that he would have damaged the tire and then put it on my truck knowing that myself and my kids were going to get into the truck and drive away on it.  Does that change the fact that no one wants to pay for the damage and so atleast for now I am the one screwed...NOPE!!!!

So I will be back later with an update which will probably go something like this....the tire guys are now mad at me for claiming against them and all their helpfulness that they once had towards me is gone. I have a bad tire in my truck and a new tire in my truck and no one to put it on!! Yay me!!!!


Queenie Jeannie said...

That sucks monkey balls!!

You would have better luck filing against AAFES, honestly. The store manager there isn't really that high on the food chain. Work your way up and document EVERYTHING you do, who you talk to, when, names, etc.

Also, worst comes to worst? Claim it on your taxes. I do every year as Thomas uses it for work. Gas, oil, insurance, maintainence, etc.


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