Thursday, February 11, 2010

And the mother of the year award goes to.....

NOT ME!!! Omg I was so proud of myself for getting motivated this morning and getting out even though it is still snowing and getting my errands done. Heck I even got some things done that weren't on the list and still made it home in time to finish the laundry and have a small lunch and a few minutes to relax before heading to the bus stop to get DD2. Yay me..right??!! NOOOOO!!
I am standing at the bus stop beaming from ear to ear at all I have accomplished today only to watch DD2 get off the bus smiling big as ever with her valentines bag in hand! What's that you say?!! Valentines bag in hand? But the party is not until tomorrow right?!! NO!!! In my head it was though!! Yes I messed up and poor little DD2 had to go through an entire party at school with nothing to give out!! Someone just smack me now!! Seriously with everything else I had going wrong this week did I have to become a bad mom too?!!

So besides the fact that I was so proud of myself for accomplishing all I had intended to do I also get the award of Worst Mom!! sighhhhhhhhh
Now tomorrow DD2 will be taking her oh so carefully crafted bags to school with the great treats I had planned to take to school tomorrow for her party anyway. I think the worst part of it all was that she looked at me and said "It's ok mom I still love you and we can bring them tomorrow" So I may be the worst mom in the world but I have to say I have the best daughter in the whole world.

Ok off to try and keep busy and forget how horrible I am feeling right now!


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