Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday!!

Yeahhh it is so close to the weekend and I am soooo behind on all of my to do's for the week!! Eeeeks! So yesterday I said I was going to get stuff done outside the house well I pulled a switcharooni! As it started snowing my outside errands had to wait because..well..I just don't like snow! So today I will getting out and running around like a mad woman to get everything done by the time the girls get out of school. I can do it!!

Yesterday I got all in house organizing and cleaning done except for the shelves..Ohhh the shelves. Well those can not be done until I go and get some baskets to help organize all the stuff on them. So basket hunting I will go today as well as all my other tedious errands. Packages will be completed and boxed so they can be mailed tomorrow. But first things first I will be getting on my beautiful bike Mr.M bought me and working some of this cold out with some sweat!! Woohoo!!

Yes it is snowing still and yes I hate getting out in it but I will because stuff has to get done. So once I have finished my oh so needed workout and gotten my errands done for the day I will be back to fill you in on just how much I actually got done today! Don't hold your breathe I am going to be out for a while today!

Off and running!! tata


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