Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday!!

OOps!! I missed Friday posting..blame Mr. M he was off of work and we stayed pretty busy! Ok so Friday was fun. Spent some good time with Mr.M and got my last eye appointment done..finally!! Now to wait on the new contacts to come in so I can say hello normal sight again and see you later glasses.

We picked the girls up from school since they both had balloon deliveries at school..I loved the looks on their faces! Soo worth the risk of having DD1 tell me how I embarrased her in front of her friends! Once we had the girls and took enjoyment in their faces we headed off to the passport office to get their tourist passports done so we can travel out of Germany with no worries. Once they were done and the girls were thoroughly bored out of their minds then we headed to Mc Donalds..DD2's choice for dinner. Then it was back home for movie night and some family fun. Yes probably sounds boring to the normal person but we love family nights!

Now here we are at Saturday! My favorite day of the week. We call Saturday fun day in our house and we always try to give the girls a choice of things to do. Today we have another bday party but early enough that we still will have time to do whatever we want. Now just to figure out what to do with them. If you ask the girls they will say something off the wall since they really don't get that the snow outside does mean we can't exactly do too much out there. We will find something I am sure.
I will have to update you all later! Haha it's so funny that I say you all since I only have 1 follower at this time and I am assuming I am basically talking out loud online to myself, but it gives me something to do and one day I will actually get the hang of this and figure out something cool to do with my blog other then simply rambling and maybe boring you all(again just me talking to myself)!
Have a great day and be back later to update you on our day!


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