Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fat cat's in the family!

Ok so how easy would it be to be a cat?!!  Seriously?!!

We have 2 beautiful, fat, happy cats in our family. They sleep all day unless of course someone goes into the bathroom which according to them is THEIR room!  Don't even think about shutting the bathroom door either or you will be harassed with scratching and crying the entire time you are in there.

Tiger is the oldest and is also the laziest! She is huge!! Mr. M says she is a perfect cat because she is fat, lazy and occasionally will sit with you and give you attention but for the most part she just exists in the house.

TJ however is the younger cat and is playfull and loving and pretty much the shape of a pear. She almost looks like a kitten because she is so small, however, her stomach is not so small hence the pear comment!  TJ will sleep just about anywhere and her favorite place is on the towels in the bathroom right next to the heater! I really do need to find a way to protect the clean towels from her but so far no ideas how to do that!

So here is Tiger  chilling out in her usual spot on the sofa..sometimes she likes to sit like a person it's too funny! Most of the time though she is crashed out like in the next picture..

 Now then that brings us to TJ. Now her name is always an argument in the house. Some say her name means "Tiger junior" others say "trouble junior"  I tend to go with the latter one since it fits so well. She is a sweet cat but she can be troublesome also. Here are a few pics of her..

 The last picture shows her second favorite place to sleep..right next to the space heater in the living room. Apparently she is always cold since she finds all the warmest spots to lay around.  I know it is not due to no fat on her bones...did you notice the pear stomach in the first picture?!!  Yes she is fed very well..both of them are!  Of course it is fun to spoil them with treats just like we all do our kids as well.

So now you have met our youngest family members and will know who I am talking about when I do mention their names! Thanks for reading my rantings and getting to know our little family!

Chow for now!!


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