Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday!!

Ohh how I love that song "just another manic Monday"...ohhhh la la! So since it is a Holiday today everyone is off..oops did I say everyone?! Well most of the world is off today of course except for Mr. M. He just had to go into work and get things ready for an upcoming event going on..yeehaww for us..NOT! That's ok I am used to it and so decided to get my errands done early since he would only be there for a few hours he says. A few hours turns into some emails that tell me he is not just working at work and then a phone call telling me he is taking a "manday" today. Alrighty then so the girls and I have put all the groceries up and are going to chill out a little bit once I get the house back in shape that is. Oh what a fun holiday if I do say so myself!! Sighhhhhhh!!

Ok so rant over with now this weekend was actually really fantastic! We had the birthday party on Saturday and wow that was so much fun I am so not kidding! I have already stated we will be going back to that place more often. Not only did DD2 have her friends to play with but pure luck DD1 also had some friends there as well. So the kids had a blast and Mr. M and myself even took part in some of it as well. I was so excited as soon as I saw the inflatable alligator that's mouth opened and closed..for real!! I will enclose pics of it so you see why I was so excited!
Ok so you can see why I thought this was the highlight of the whole day!  I was dying to get on it but was afraid I would tip the dang thing over!!  Adults get so robbed by all the fun things for kids these days I swear!

The party was a total success and all the kids had a really great time!  This place is definitely going to be our choice for next year..dang deposits already set for this year!

Ok off for now to go do some housework..woohooo!!  


Mom in High Heels said...

Indy loves Happy Kids! Was the birthday party you went to on Sat for a little girl whose initials are JL by any chance? If so, I know them! I was there when J was born.

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